Top 4 Beautiful Villages in Hoi An Countryside

Vietnam is a country with many diverse and rich traditional craft villages spread across many provinces and cities in all of the country, including Hoi An, Quang Nam. Quang Nam is currently a province with many famous traditional craft villages. If you would like to discover new things in Hoi An, do not forget to visit the following traditional villages in Hoi An countryside!

1. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village existed before the Nguyen dynasty with nearly 500 years of history. Although sometimes this ancient village fell into recession, but thanks to some dedicated craft groups, it has revived the entire traditional village to avoid being forgotten. This is a quite favorite destination for a lot of tourists when coming to Quang Nam. It  is located just 3km away from the center of Hoian so tourists can visit this village quite easily.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village – Beautiful Villages in Hoi An Countryside

Coming to Thanh Ha Village, visitors will have a chance to explore traditional potteries making by local people and also mold their own ceramic works. You can buy pottery as souvenirs with very cheap prices. Thanh Ha Pottery Land Park, with an area of ​​more than 6000m2, opened in 2015 and has become the most large-scale pottery exhibition in the country today.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

2. Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong carpentry village was originated in the 15th century and went into a peak in the early 17th century thanks to the opening of a large commodity trading port in Hoi An town.

If you want to visit Kim Bong carpentry village, you have to travel by boat with a very cheap price. The first impression of visitors when coming to this village is the tranquility and very softness. Most of the households here are carpentry and have a carpentry workshop in the house. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to admire the process of creating exquisite works of art made from wood. Visitors can buy some wooden items as gifts as bracelets, jewelry boxes, combs, statues … with quite affordable prices.

Top 4 Beautiful Villages in Hoi An Country Side

(Kim Bong Carpentry Village – Top 4 Beautiful Villages in Hoi An Countryside)

3. Tra Que Village

Located about 3km from the center of Hoi An city, Tra Que Vegetable Village is one of the very interesting craft villages that you should not miss when visiting Hoi An.

This village uses special fertilizers from the fertile river nearby. Vegetables in Tra Que village are famous for their freshness, an indispensable vegetable that makes up the special flavor of famous dishes in Hoi An.

Hoi An Country Side

(Tra Que Village – Top 4 Beautiful Villages in Hoi An Countryside)

This is also a clean vegetable selling place, which is guaranteed by many locals. Tourists are attracted to Tra Que vegetable village not only by the peaceful green scenery of the long vegetable beds but also by the interesting tourist activities here such as trying to be farmers, learning how to take care of crops, watering, catching worms, fertilizing … Many domestic and foreign tourists have chosen Tra Que vegetable village as a destination because of its very close and natural attraction. This is a pretty great suggestion if you choose to travel and want to explore the land of Quang Nam.

Hoi An Country Side

(Hoi An Countryside)

4. Hoi An Lantern Village

Hoi An is a small town located on the pristine and beautiful Thu Bon River. Hoi An is famous for friends all over the world not only because of its ancient features, deep beauty and beautiful vibes but also because of the “specialty” of this ancient city – the lanterns.

The craft of making lanterns here has existed for over 400 years, starting from the early 16th century. Visitors here can freely buy a brilliant or elegant lantern to make souvenirs or decorate houses with affordable price.

Hoi An Country Side - lantern maker

The artisans in the lantern village are quite crowded and the skills in the profession are still preserved and handed down to a large number of career lovers. Walking along the river in the center of the old town, the colorful shimmer radiating from the lanterns will surely make you flutter. The lanterns not only bring a fanciful appearance to the festival night but also spread the ancient beauty and Vietnamese cultural identity to friends from all over the world. If you have the opportunity to visit Quang Nam, do not miss this famous traditional village.

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