Vong Canh Hill, Hue City

Vong Canh Hill is known for its perfect beauty combining the river and natural hills of poetic Hue. With a peaceful, romantic and fresh space, this place is a great destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, you shouldn’t miss Vong Canh Hill.

In the past, Vong Canh Hill used to be the place where the Kings of Nguyen take a rest and sightseeing. Surrounding area of the hill is a system of tombs of Nguyen Kings such as: Dong Khanh tomb, Tu Duc tomb, Thieu Tri tomb, Xuong Tho tomb, Ba Cung palace, etc. Nowadays, this hill is an impressive point, many visitors come there to explore the history of the famous Vong Canh Hill.

The view from Vong Canh Hill is just like a colorful painting of nature, with the emerald water from Perfume River, and the green forest in the mountains. The meaning of the name “Vong Canh” is “to admire the beauty of nature”.

Vong Canh Hill

The hill belongs to Hue city, about 7km southwest of the city center, with its foot lying next to slowly flowing Perfume River . It is only 43m high, but standing at the hill, you will see the panorama view of the romantic city of Hue with mountains and rivers, alluring many people who love nature.

The road to the hills has a plenty of pines. It is not difficult to meet groups of young people, couples who come here to save pictures of their passion for nature. Coming here, you will be surprised that there is a place like this at the city, different from the bustle in the crowded streets.

Vong Canh Hill Hue

Up to the top of the hill, you will have a chance to see the amazing view. You can zoom out of sight to see all the whole frame of Hue city. A large natural space, houses, gardens, temples, tombs are all appearing in front of your eyes. What makes those who come here most interested in it is the Perfume River, which is very forgettable and extremely charming from this point. The poetic Perfume River appears in this position a different frame, majestic and immense.Take your eyes a little further and you will see boats going up and down the river in the middle of the river.

Vong Canh Hill vietnam

Tourists should come to the hill in the sunrise or sunset to enjoy wonderful nature and feel the poetic beauty of the hill, the river and the mountain of an ancient city in Vietnam.

The weather here is so cool, the freshest air in the dawn. There are no harsh sunlight, you will be feel comfortable for walking, enjoying and resting. Relax your soul, calm down after hard working days.

Vong Canh Hill Vong Canh Hill

The Hill is one of famous sights in Hue and it is an ideal place for tourists to date, take wedding photos and where artists, photographers take pictures and compose poetry. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, visitors should take the time to explore Vong Canh Hill.

Vong Canh Hill is truly a perfect natural masterpiece. Standing here, visitors will find themselves as small again, so that all sadness vanishes along the flow of the Perfume River. Come and feel the beauty of the hill, which will surely be an unforgettable experience for your visit to Hue.

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