5 Best Ways To Travel From Hue to Hoi An

How to travel from Hue to Hoi An? Hoi an, Danang and Hue are these tourist destinations located along the coast of Central Vietnam. Since these 3 cities are close to each other, then you can easily move from Hue to Hoi An. When traveling from Hue to Hoi An, you will have the opportunity to see famous sightseeing along the way such as the Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, Ling Ung Pagoda, Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach and Lap An Lagoon – making it one of the most popular short voyages in Vietnam.

The distance from Hue to Hoi An is about 126 km and there are many kinds of transportation for this route. But if you are still not sure about your choice, in this post, we will discuss the best ways to travel from Hue to Hoi An so that you can choose the best option for you!

Hai Van Pass- Travel From Hue to Hoi An

(Hai Van Pass – Travel From Hue to Hoi An)

Price (VND)
Price (USD)
Train & Transfer 21/2 – 4 hours +45 – 90min transfer 40,000 – 90,000
& 20,000 – 500,000 Transfer
1.70 – 3.90 Da Nang
Bus 4 – 5 hours 100,000 4.30 Direct
Shuttle Bus 4 – 5 hours 240,000 10 Direct
Private Car 5 – 6 hours 1,180,000 – 1,680,000 50 – 72 Direct
Motorbike Self Drive 7- 8 hours 300,000 – 1,000,000 13 – 43 Direct
Motorbike Tour 8 hours 1,100,000 – 1,160,000 47 – 50 Direct

1. By Bus:

Traveling by bus is one of the most popular options for the trip Hue to Hoi An because of its convenience and reasonable price. It will take approximately 3 hours to get to Hue. The bus is a great option for those who aren’t too concerned with comfort and sightseeing along the way, however I would recommend against for those wanting more. It always go through the Hai Van tunel to save time, but no stunning view from Hai Van Pass for you.

You can book the bus ticket online, through your hotel  or travel agent offices. The cheapest bus service from Hue to Hoi An is around 120,000VND (around US$5), depending on where and how you book.

Travel From Hue to Hoi An by bus

(Travel From Hue to Hoi An by Bus)

2. By Train:

The train is the preferred option for travelers wanting to experience the beautiful scenery  of Central Vietnam because the train will go through Hai Van pass, while most vehicles go through Hai Van tunnel, so you can have an opportunity to take photos to capture the best pictures. Moreover, for those who bring a lot of luggage, it is the best choice.

If you take the train to Hoi An, you have to travel from Da Nang to Hoi An via bus, taxi or private car. It normally takes around 40 minutes. For those with luggage, we recommend a taxi or private car as they offer more space and also privacy. Then, you use the train to Hue.

You can buy train tickets online from the official website of Vietnam Railways, or buy at Danang Railway Station.The price range is varied from 60.000 VND to 180.000 VND (up to your type of ticket).

Travel From Hue to Hoi An by Train

(Travel From Hue to Hoi An by Train)

Train from Hue To Danang:

Hue Train Station: 1 Le Loi St
Da Nang Train Station: 791 Hai Phong St – Duration: 2.5-4 Hours (depending on departure time)

3. By Motorbike:

Motorbike is a popular option for that backpacking throughout Vietnam, and it will be an interesting experience if you use the motorbike for the trip from Hue to Hoi An. This trip will take longer than the other options. You can stop at any place along the way to take photos or to see beautiful scenes as long as you want.

You can hire a motorbike through your hotels/ homestays or travel agent offices. The price is around US $15 to US $20 per motorbike.

Travel From Hue to Hoi An by motorbike

( Travel From Hue to Hoi An by Motorbike)

4. By Scooter Tour:

If you want to ride a motorbike by yourself but still not sure about the route or you want to sit behind a rider, the scooter tour is the best choice for you. The scooter tour for the trip Hue to Hoi An will give you the adventurous feeling when exploring the hidden landscapes through rural, coastal and mountainous road. Going on a motorbike tour from Hue to Hoi An can be an amazing experience. You can feel both adventurous, but still safe as you have your tour-guide.

This trip will take around 6 to 7 hours, and the price is from US $45 per person. You can also book the tour online, through your hotel  or travel agent offices.

Travel From Hue to Hoi An by motorbike


5. By Private Car:

Travelling by private car has become the most popular option when travelling from Hue to Hoi An. Most companies offer 4 seat, 7 seat and 16 seat vehicles to cater for all group sizes. The private car service offers complete flexibility of your itinerary whilst also providing the comfort and privacy that other methods of transport do not offer.

You can choose the departure time from Hue, customize your own journey, so you can stop at any destinations on the way if you request in advance. Besides, it is considered the safest option due to drivers being experienced and talking their time to navigate the Hai Van pass. Especially, the price for the private car is also reasonable in comparison with other tours. Moreover, an English guide on the way is also available upon request. So, if you want to make a memorable experience on your holiday, a private car is the most suitable choice.

It is especially ideal for couples and families, as the price is then very fair because a private car is rented per vehicle, not per person!

Travel From Hue to Hoi An by car
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