4 Best Ways To Travel From Hue to Ha Noi

How to Travel From Hue to Ha Noi? Ha Noi is definitely one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. This ancient capital has a long-standing history which is over 1000 year. Ha Noi is a great place to explore the deep culture of Vietnam, as well as delicious cuisine.

The distance from Hue to Ha Noi is about 675 km and there are many kinds of transportation for this route. But if you are still not sure about your choice, in this post, we will discuss the best ways to travel from Hue to Ha Noi so that you can choose the best option for you!

4 best ways Travel From Hue to Ha Noi

(4 Best Ways to Travel From Hue to Ha Noi)

1. By Train:

Traveling by train is the most traditional way to travel from Hue to Ha Noi and it allows travelers to truly appreciate places in Vietnam due to the view of the countryside it offers. It takes about 13 to 14 hours and you can buy food or snack on the train. You can have a bed in a 6-berth cabin for at least 670,000 VND ($29). That is often more expensive than a plane ticket, but it can save you a night on accommodation.

You can buy train tickets online from the official website of Vietnam Railways. After choosing your seat, date and time, you will have to go to the nearest train station with the e-mail confirmation in order to pay for your ticket by cash (unless you have a Vietnamese credit card to proceed with payment online, foreign cards are not accepted). You will receive your e-tickets straight to your e-mail, and you will have to show it when you board the train. The most simply way is just heading to the train station and buying the ticket that suits you. Most of the employees can speak English good enough to understand your requests.

Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by train

(Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by Train)

2. By Bus:

Traveling by bus from Hue to Ha Noi is one of the most cheapest and most convenient way. You can relax on the bus during the trip. View during the trip is not that bad. There are many buses run from Hue to Ha Noi everyday such as Hung Thanh, The Sinh Tourist, Hoang Long, Camel Travel and so on. It takes about 15 hours and bus ticket price is about 300 000 – 450 000 VND ($13-18). Hung Thanh and Hoang Long are well-known and reliable bus companies with comfortable and modern buses. Please remember to arrive at the station at least 1 hour before departure time.

Although catching the local bus is an incredibly cheap way of getting to Ha Noi from Hue, however, the drivers rarely speak English, the buses can be crowded, stops are frequent. This is a cheap, no-frills sleeper bus, so don’t expect the most comfortable ride or the most outstanding customer service.

Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by bus

(Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by Bus)

3. By Flight:

Traveling from Hue to Ha Noi by flight is the fastest way for travellers. There are many direct flights every day from Hanoi to Hue from Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and JetStar Pacific airlines. The flight time is only about 1 hour and direct flight costs about 850.000 – 2.500.000 VND ($35-$100). If you book a flight in advance, this option can even be cheaper than taking the train.

You can take a taxi or a shuttle bus to get from Hue city center to Hue Airport. A taxi costs around 250,000 VND ($11) and the shuttle bus only 50,000 VND ($2.20). If you prefer the shuttle bus, please ask your hotel or a local agency.

From Hanoi Airport, it is easy to take a shuttle bus or a taxi to your hotel in Ha Noi center. A bus ticket costs 40,000 VND ($1.80) and the trip takes about 1 hour. A taxi costs around 350.000 to 450.000 VND and takes around 35 mins.

Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by flight

(Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by Flight)

4. By Private Car:

Traveling by private car from Hue to Ha Noi is a common choice for tourists who would like to travel with the most comfortable and flexible plan. The scenery along the way is amazing. You can ask the driver to go fast or slow as long as you want, you can stop anywhere, take some pictures, do memorable things with friends or your family.

VN Cars offers the best private car service to transfer from Hue to Ha Noi, which has quality facilities (free-wifi, comfortable seats, air-condition, etc.) and moreover, you will travel with our experience driver. He can speak English, therefore he can give you more information before travelling somewhere.

The private car service offers complete flexibility of your itinerary whilst also providing the comfort and privacy that other methods of transport do not offer.

Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by car

(Travel From Hue to Ha Noi by Private Car)

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