Top 5 Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam

What is list of Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam? Danang city is well-known for its peaceful and gentle appearance. However, if you want to find a vibrant place to have fun, VN Cars would like to give the 5 famous bars in Danang to visitors.

1. Apocalypse Beach Club

Located in one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet voted by Forbes magazine, Apocalypse Beach Club attracts both domestic and international visitors by the sophisticated design space in detail.

This is also a new virtual live check-in location with Eastern – Western dishes that combine perfectly. And do not miss the colorful cocktails or the cool Siamese coconuts while coming here.

Apocalypse Beach Club is famous for its unique, novel and extremely attractive programs such as Ladies Night every Tuesday night, Fire Dance on Thursdays and Live Band on weekends. In particular, the time frame 22:00 – 2:00 is a time of “crazy” dancing with the new and very special EDM Set: Trap, G-House, Hip Hop … from the famous Guest DJ.

Come to Apocalypse Beach Club to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere during the day, watch the sunset in the afternoon and relax with the great melodies at night.

Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam

(Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam)

2. Sky36 Bar

Sky36 is the tallest bar in Vietnam with the height of 166m. Located on the 35th and 36th floors of Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River Hotel owned by Sun Group, it can be said that Sky 36 owns a desirable location.

With an area of ​​over 1000m², the space of Sky 36 is a harmonious combination of outdoor bar, sofa bed and inside Vip Lounge area. All are elegantly designed, each area with different decor and green light covers to create a world of high-class and luxurious entertainment. Making anyone step in also feel like they turn into elegant, stylish guests.

From Sky36, you can admire the beautiful sunset to be charming, in the evening you will admire the lovely Danang in a black dress dotted with medium red and blue light spots. The fanciful has just made everyone want to love this city. Besides, you can also watch the Han River quietly crossing the heart of the city with beautiful bridges.

The varied and plentiful menu with light snacks, aromatic cocktails, attractive and beautiful performances of the top Bartenders will ensure that you will come many times later.

top 5 Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam

(Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam)

3. On The Radio Bar

The bar has a very good soundproof level so when you first arrive, seeing the closed door will not be very attractive. But do not rush, once you push that door behind it is a really great space that makes you want to rush into to mix with that excitement.

The menu is plentiful with extremely reasonable prices. Not only that, the music on On The Radio also meets the different music gout of everyone. If you like romantic space, you should come here from Monday to Friday to enjoy the ballad, country love songs expressed by sweet and deep voices. If you like the excitement, go to the bar on Saturdays and Sundays to enjoy the fire Rock performances. And after 10pm, it’s time to show your singing talent.

Bars in Da Nang

(Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam)

4. Bamboo Bar

Bamboo Bar is located in a modest corner, at the intersection of Bach Dang and Thai Phien streets, in front of the poetic Han River. When you come here, make sure that you will like with the design style of mainly bamboo but feels simple, rustic and peaceful.

With a small area, Bamboo Bar was very smart when designing the bar into three floors with different functions. The first floor is a combination of indoors and outdoors is a place for guests to sip cold beer bottles, sway along with the music, talk together and watch the busy flow of people. The second floor is arranged billiard table for guests to entertain. Because the bar is quite small, the third floor is reserved for processing. Thanks to the separation between the bar and the kitchen, the smell of food does not spread in the uncomfortable space.

The music that is played mainly here is Country, Pop, Chillout, .. and sometimes there will be a little Dance with a volume just enough for guests to talk to each other. The staff is very friendly, everyone is happy and has good English. Prices here are also considered reasonable. The bar is usually open at 17:00 and will close when the last guest leaves.

It can be said that Bamboo is a blend of East-West styles. If you want to find a bar with no hustle and bustle, Bamboo will be the perfect choice. Come to Bamboo and have an unforgettable experience!

Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam

(Best Bars in Da Nang Vietnam)

5. Factory 47 Riverview

As the name of the restaurant, when coming to Factory 47 Riverview, you will be watching the sparkling and magical Han River. It is known that the owner is a foreigner so the Bar’s style is very unique, strange and Western.

Factory was very lucky to own the original tree in the front and thanks to that, the bả has put lights on the trunk to make the space more romantic. The bar also has the second and third floors suitable for couples seeking romance.

The bar looks very neat and clean, the wines are displayed very delicate. Modern lamps next to red brick walls and old kerosene lamps. It can be said that the shop is a mixture of modernity, liberal and a little nostalgic ancient.

The menu of the restaurant is written entirely in English and varies from drinks to food. Factory’s food is rated as very good and quality especially Hamburger and BBQ sausages. The quick, cute, polite waitresses and the funny bar owner made the bar score absolute points for those who are new to the first time.

Bars in Da Nang Vietnam



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