Top 5 Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An

When talking about Hoi An, most people will think of Hoi An ancient town, Japanses Covered Pagoda, Hoai River with ancient beauty, simplicity, attracting many tourists. However, do not forget that Hoi An still has beautiful beaches. Let’s discover the top 5 beautiful beaches in Hoi An with us!

1. An Bang Beach

Located in Cam An ward, about 7 km from Hoi An ancient town, An Bang beach is like a paradise of sea lovers. An Bang Beach has a peaceful and quiet beauty, in contrast to the vibrant and bustling of Cua Dai Beach.

Coming to An Bang Beach, visitors will walk on the smooth white sand with the cool blue water. Moreover, An Bang waves are quite large and strong which is suitable for those who are passionate about fancy adventure activities such as windsurfing, jumping, … You can also rent canoes or water motorbikes for cruises on the beach to conquer the waves of An Bang. That will bring you many memorable experiences.

Walking around An Bang Beach, you can come to seafood restaurants or bars to enjoy seafood dishes and drinks.

Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An

(Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An – An Bang Beach)

2. Cua Dai Beach

Located just 5km from Hoi An city, Cua Dai Beach is one of the famous tourist destinations of Hoi An. This is the convergence of Thu Bon, Truong Giang and De Vong rivers before flowing into the East Sea. This beach attracts many visitors from the first moment by the endless stretch of white sand, surrounded by green coconut trees.

Coming to Cua Dai Beach, visitors can immerse yourself in the clear blue sea or lie on the sunbathing sand, enjoy the cool breeze from the beach. This will surely bring you incredible moments of peaceful relaxation. In addition, visitors can take part in many activities at here such as canoeing, water sports, ….

Not only enjoy bathing in the sea or participating in attractive activities, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous fresh seafood dishes here such as grilled stingray with lemongrass, turmeric and fried squid fish sauce, lemongrass chips, etc.

Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An - cua dai beach

(Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An – Cua Dai Beach)

3. Ha My Beach

Located on the coastal route linking Da Nang city and Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha My Beach is a new name on the tourist map of Hoi An, like a “sleeping fairy”, it still retains the wild, clean and peaceful features. Ha My enchanted visitors by the white sand, blue sea, clear sea with the rows of poplar, coconut groves. Ha My Beach also was selected as one of the 16 most beautiful beaches in Asia.

Although this place is quite new, not much developed in tourism, you do not need to worry too much about where and what to eat because everything here gives you a complete trip. Coming to Ha My Beach, you will enjoy a variety of fresh seafood with extremely cheap prices.

top 5 Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An

(Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An – Ha My Beach)

4. Cham Island

It would be bad if we don’t mention the Cham Island in Hoi An. You can explore this island during the day from Hoi An or stay overnight on the island. The island has beautiful beaches, with soft white sand, clear water and palm trees. In fact, Cu Lao Cham Island has many more beautiful beaches in the center of Hoi An. This is also one of the most ideal diving destinations in Vietnam

Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An - Cham Island

5. Tam Thanh Beach

Located about 7km to the east of Quang Nam city, Tam Thanh beach is nestled quietly behind the breakwater forest with a tranquil and wild scene due to the untouched nature of tourism. From the rows of green coconut trees on the beach, to the clear blue water, the gentle waves on the sand stretching for kilometers, all make a simple scenery.

Currently, within the tourism development framework of the local government, many activities have been developed here such as beach games, boat racing, art exhibitions for the purpose of introduction, promotion promote the traditional cultural values ​​of Quang Nam city. In particular, the most outstanding is the Tam Thanh sea tourism week that attracts visitors to play, explore the idyllic beauty of the scenery here, explore cuisine as well as learn about cultural values.

Beautiful Beaches in Hoi An - Tam Thanh Beach

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