Things To Do in Hue Vietnam

Things To Do in Hue Vietnam? Hue is one of the famous tourist attractions in Vietnam, the last capital of the feudal dynasty of Vietnam. Hue has kept for itself a lot of ancient temple palaces, long-standing traditional cultures.These things have made the journey to Hue attractive to tourists from all over the world. VN Cars would like to share some typical stops of Hue that you should not miss when traveling to Hue.

1. The Citadel

Located on the North bank of the poetic Huong river, The Citadel with royal art architecture and unique garden. It was also the administrative and political center of the Nguyen Dynasty and the place of living of the royal king in the past.

Visiting this tourist destination, you will admire the magnificent castles, temples and shrines in the supreme style, imbued with the architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. Visitors not only have the opportunity to learn more about history, but also free to take photos in this unique architectural space.

Things To Do in Hue Vietnam

(Things To Do in Hue Vietnam)

2. Thien Mu Pagoda

Along the Perfume River, about 5km from the city, we want to share with you that is Thien Mu Pagoda. The temple is located on Ha Khe Hill, Kim Long street, Huong Long commune. Thien Mu Pagoda with contemplative beauty, quiet and ancient reflected on the romantic Perfume River. This is a very picturesque and poetic picture.

Visitors to the temple will be amazed by the ancient, poetic, sacred and mysterious beauty. Besides, going to the temple, you can also see the antiques with very high historical value such as horizontal paintings, ancient statues or bronze stone bell … They have not only historical value but also imbued with the artistic value of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Things To Do in Hue

(Things To Do in Hue Vietnam)

3. Huong River

As a symbol and also the pride of the Hue people, Huong River is gentle as a long, soft silk strip in the middle of a dreamland of the ancient city. The Perfume River is emerald green, crystal clear, reflecting the view of the poetic city under the smooth and sparkling water under the sunlight. There were many artists when cruising to admire the peaceful Huong Giang and listen to traditional Hue folk songs here had found a great source of inspiration to compose immortal poems.

It’s quite interesting when visitors hear the folk tunes, watching the city at night sparkling and fanciful on a boat. Being released along the Perfume River, visitors will feel the pleasure as if they are reliving the time of the ancient King. This is a very amazing tourist destination in Hue that you should not miss.

Things To Do in Hue city

(Things To Do in Hue Vietnam)

4. Vong Canh Hill

If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the city from above, Vong Canh Hill is ideal place for you. From the top view of Vong Canh Hill, you will see the “charming river” landscape of the poetic Huong River and ancient tombs, temples and pagodas, with a view of the majestic mountains.  If you have the opportunity to visit Vong Canh Hill at sunrise or at sunset, you will have an amazing experience.

vong canh hills Things To Do in Hue Vietnam

(Things To Do in Hue Vietnam)

5. Ngu Binh Mountain

In addition to the poetic Huong river, Ngu Binh mountain is also a symbol of nature and the pride of the people of Hue. Standing on the top of this beautiful mountain, you can zoom out and admire the picturesque landscapes and natural scenery of Hue city. From the foot to the top of the mountain is covered with lush pine forests, mixed in the cool breeze, bringing a cool space and a feeling of extreme relaxation.

Things To Do

(Things To Do in Hue Vietnam)

6. Khai Dinh Tomb

The Nguyen Dynasty was the last dynasty of Vietnam during the monarchy with 143 years of existence with many tombs built during this period. One of the most highly appriciated tombs to mention is Khai Dinh Tomb. This is the tomb of the 12th king during the Nguyen Dynasty. Khai Dinh Tomb is designed based on the combination of royal and Western architectural style, creating extremely unique and eye-catching beauty. This is a famous tourist destination in Hue that you should ignore.

Khai Dinh - Things To Do in Hue Vietnam

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