Top 5 Royal Tombs in Hue City

Royal Tombs in Hue City? Hue ancient city is one of the famous destination in the central of Vietnam. This city has a long history of culture, poetic natural landscape and many world-recognized cultural heritages. If you would like to explore the preserved feudal culture of Vietnam, then don’t miss the top 5 ancient mausoleums in Hue that are revealed below.

1. Tu Duc Tomb

Tu Duc Tomb is located in Thuong Ba Hamlet, Thuy Xuan Ward, Hue City. Tu Duc Tomb was built from 1864 to 1867 with an area of ​​475 ha.

Tu Duc Tomb or often called Khiem Lang is the most beautiful of the tombs in Hue. The tomb was built by Emperor Tu Duc during his reign, when he built this project, which consumed a large amount of wealth and efforts of the people, causing the turmoil. To apologize to the people, he has changed its name to “Khiem”, meaning”modest”. After his death, it was changed to Khiem Lang to this day.

Top 5 Royal Tombs in Hue City

(Top 5 Royal Tombs in Hue City)

Tu Duc Tomb has poetic and charming beauty because Emperor Tu Duc is a literary artist, so his character and hobby are a bit poetic. Inside the mausoleum are Bat Trang tiled roads winding with trees and birds, which are extremely poetic. King Tu Duc also uses Khiem Lang as a place for fishing, reciting poetry, enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Royal Tombs in Hue

(Tu Duc – Top 5 Royal Tombs in Hue City)

2. Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang mausoleum was started construction from 1840 and completed in 1843. The mausoleum is located on Cam Khe mountain, 12km from the center of Hue city. Minh Mang Tomb is the resting place of the second king of the Nguyen Dynasty. With an area of 26ha, there are up to 40 large and small works located on the hills, rivers, and lakes.

Minh Mang Tomb has the charm of nature and was revised to set the context for architectural works. A harmonious combination between nature and architecture. The trees here is also old according to the ancient age of the mausoleum, creating an ancient beauty.

Minh Mang - Royal Tombs in Hue

(Minh MangRoyal Tombs in Hue City)

3. Khai Dinh Tomb

Khai Dinh tomb, also known as Ung Lang, is considered the most unique architecture tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty thank to the combination of Eastern and Western architecture in harmony. King Khai Dinh is a passionate about Western culture and architecture, so he wanted to build a tomb which completely different from his predecessors. He sent boats to France to buy iron, steel, cement, Ardoise tile … and to China, Japan to buy porcelain, stained glass … as materials to build the tomb.

It took 11 years to complete Khai Dinh Tomb. This tomb has a rectangular of 127 steps, influenced by many architectural schools such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Roman, Gothique .. .. It can be said that Khai Dinh Mausoleum is the most spectacular and unique mausoleum in Hue that you should not miss during the visit to this legendary ancient capital.

4. Gia Long Tomb

Gia Long Tomb was built from 1814 and completed in 1820. The mausoleum is located on Thien Tho mountain, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province. This was the resting place of King Gia Long, the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty. The entire tomb area is 42 hills and mountains, showing a masterpiece that combines architecture and natural scenery.

Lang Gia Long also has another name is Thien Tho Lang. Located 20 km west of Hue city center, belonging to Dinh Mon village – Huong Tho commune – Huong Tra district. The lotus pond surrounds the mausoleums, the pink of the brilliant lotus petals in season, the fragrance will spread throughout a mountainous region.

Gia Long - Royal Tombs in Hue

5. Thieu Tri Tomb

Thieu Tri tomb is also known as Xuong Lang and is located on Thuan Dao mountain. Thieu Tri tomb is the resting place of Thieu Tri King. This tomb was built in the shortest time, only 10 months. Thieu Tri Mausoleum has architectural features drawn and selected from the architecture of Gia Long and Minh Mang tombs. The tomb has green fruit gardens as fences. With the peaceful countryside space of immense rice fields and lush green orchards, Thieu Tri Mausoleum creates a sense of familiarity, intimacy but extremely quiet, relaxed for anyone.

Thieu Tri - Royal Tombs in Hue

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