Perfume River in Hue City (Huong River)

When mentioning to Hue city, everyone will think of a dreamland, which is full of sadness. The highlight of the peaceful picture is the poetic Huong River (Perfume River). The Perfume River is not only a symbol but also a pride of Hue people. Let VN Cars admire and discover the beauty of the poetic Huong River!

Perfume River in Hue

(Perfume River in Hue)

Perfume River is approximately 80 kilometres in length. It’s a poetic river flowing from Truong Son Mountain through Hue City Centre and Bang Lang Fork.  Like a long and soft silk strip, the Huong River winds through many beautiful landscapes of the poetic city, from Vi Da garden to verdant grass, through ancient Thien Mu Pagoda with humming bells, then turn to Bach Yen River to wander the clouds. On that journey, the Perfume River blends with the flavor and scent of countless tropical plants, flowers and herbs, creating a unique aroma for the river.

The Huong River has a very special position for the cultural and spiritual life as well as the development of Hue tourism. Most of the famous landscapes, architecture and cultural heritage of the ancient capital that tourists often visit each time to visit Hue converge on both sides of the river. From royal buildings such as the citadel, tombs, to religious buildings such as pagodas, temples, to cultural, educational, office, town and museum, the most beautiful villages, streets and parks in Hue.

Perfume River in Hue Vietnam

(Perfume River in Hue)

The Huong River is also a stage and an environment to nurture, conserve and develop Hue’s intangible cultural forms such as royal court music and Hue folk songs. This peaceful river is a cultural space to host many great art programs of Hue festivals, a place to meet and hold many generations of Hue people and tourists from everywhere to return to the ancient capital, a place for national and international cultural exchange events.

The beauty of the poetic Huong River in Hue

The Perfume River is emerald green and clear as it reflects the whole poetic view of the city under the smooth water and shimmering sunlight. On the banks of the river, the architectural works include temples, gardens, forests, … as reflected in the smooth water of the Huong Giang stream, bringing poetry and music to this elegant river.

The Huong River is like a soft and soothing line in the picture of Hue city, which was extremely poetic and charming. The river has brought to this ancient capital a poetic, serene and harmonious poem in the beauty of the culture.

Huong River in Hue

(Perfume River in Hue)

Coming to Hue, do not miss the experience of sailing on the Perfume River to “slow down”, admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river and immerse yourself in the folk songs and dances of Hue. There are many artists when traveling on the boat to enjoy the peaceful scenery of Huong Giang and listen to traditional Hue folk songs here have found infinite inspiration to compose immortal poems.

When the sunset falls, the sun gradually disappears after the high peaks with the weak light remaining in the day, Huong River is like wearing a warm orange-yellow shirt. The scene seems to be settling down in a strange quiet space and sinking into a characteristic light purple color; perhaps that is why Hue is dubbed the “sad city”.

Huong River

(Huong River)

When night falls to cover the river, the surface of the river glistens under the moonlight, and the songs of the boat rowers can be heard breaking the silence. Trang Tien Bridge lights up, giving out colorful shimmering lights that illuminate a quiet river.

Perfume River in Hue

If you have the opportunity to come to Hue on festivals, you will also witness the beauty of the Perfume River as being awakened among the sparkling flower lights in the fanciful water.

Perfume River in Hue - Huong River

The Huong River is not only a beautiful sight of Hue but also a witness to history flowing through so many years. Admiring the beauty of Perfume River will definitely give you with a memorable experience!

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