Love Bridge in Da Nang City

The Love Bridge in Da Nang city attracts many tourists, especially couples.It is an ideal dating place for couples who are in love, want to come here to admire the beauty of the bridge, and mark their love with the desire to be together forever and happy.

Love Bridge in Da Nang

(Love Bridge in Da Nang)

The bridge is located at the beginning of the Dragon Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang. This is a highlight cluster of works on the Han River of Da Nang City, opening free to visitors and this is also a bridge built as a marina.

The bridge is designed with the arc shape with the length of 68 meters and the width of 6 meters, facing the middle of the river and has plenty of space to admire the beauty of the Han River.

Love Bridge in Da Nang Vietnam

(Love Bridge Da Nang)

Standing from the Love Bridge, visitors can see the surrounding landscape and the other side of the city center of Danang. At night, you will find the scenery here is peaceful and sparkling. And this is one of the impressive highlights on the Han River of Danang City.

Every night, hundreds of heart-shaped red lanterns are lit up to make the Han River bridge space more sparkling and fanciful. It is the light that reflects on the surface of the river, waving the water waves, creating a very romantic, wonderful scenery.

Love Bridge Da Nang Vietnam

(Love Bridge Da Nang)

Love Bridge is inspired by famous bridges in the world such as Pont des Arts (France), Hohenzollern (Germany), Tretriakovsky (Russia) or Milvio (Italy). Although they are different in terms of design but these bridges have the same meaning, that is the couples who love each other will come here to hang the lock with the names of both of them, their love will be forever and faithful, nothing can be separated.

People who come here can bring their own locks or buy them at the lock point next to the bridge. The locks here are also molded into a heart shape – the most romantic symbol of love for couples. After the lock is securely hung on the bridge, they will throw or hide the key so that no one can open it.

Love Bridge

“The Carp transforming to a Dragon” Statue

The Carp transforming to a Dragon is not only a beauty image of the marina but also an image to beautify the aesthetic value for the East bank of the Han River. This image shows the desire to escape the misery of the present life and become the place that many young people and tourists visit and take interest in.

Love Bridge in Da Nang

(Love Bridge in Da Nang)

Danang Love Bridge with the statue of The Carp transforming to a Dragon in the DHC Marina cluster of the marina project and the Water Sports Club. The Love Bridge was built to the middle of the Han Bridge and is located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing here, you can admire the beauty of both famous bridges, certainly the scenery that Love Bridge brings very romantic and poetic space.

Love Bridge in Vietnam

The Carp transforming to a Dragon is a symbolic image for the marina with a sculpted body and layers. Dragon’s head was inspired by the Ly dynasty and was designed to spray water. Fishtail means peace, prosperity and solidarity. And the statue The Carp transforming to a Dragon will spray water at every weekend night creates an interesting image for visitors. The statue is designed with the height of 7m, the weight nearly 200 tons and is made from 5 blocks of natural white marble.

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