Top 5 Local Market in Hue City

What is the best local market in Hue City? Hue is a favorite place with many tourist destinations because it is the ancient capital of Vietnam with majestic temples and tombs. Hue is also famous for many simple dishes with plenty flavors of the homeland such as Hue beef noodle soup, banh beo, banh loc, … You should not forget to buy souvenirs for your friends and family when traveling in this ancient city, right? Here is some information about the local markets that you should refer to to make your trip more interesting!

1. Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market is the most famous market in Hue city and it is the largest commercial center in Hue, built in 1899 under King Thanh Thai. The market is located on the banks of the Perfume River. The front of the market is on Tran Hung Dao street, formerly called Truong Tien street, the main street of Hue,  it attracts thousands of customers coming in and out everyday.

Dong Ba market is diverse and rich in many items. So what to buy at Dong Ba Hue market ? Here you can see the specialties in Hue such as Hue beef noodle soup, mussel rice, banh loc, banh beo, banh nam, lotus seed sweetsoup, etc. Dong Ba Market has many fine art stalls that are suitable for souvenirs such as wooden bracelets, small cyclo chains made from pieces of wood, flute, bamboo, … and handicraft products from local brands.

Top 5 Local Market in Hue City

(Top 5 Local Market in Hue City)

2. An Cuu Market

An Cuu market was established during the reign of King Minh Mang, located on Hung Vuong and Phan Dinh Phung streets.  At present, An Cuu Market is one of the busiest markets in the south of Hue city due to its historical development and location.

You can find many things here ranging from fresh food to clothes. This market is not only considered a “fresh bank” to provide food and a lot of essential necessities for the locals but also a convergence of Hue specialties from three regions.

Local Market in Hue Vietnam

(Top 5 Local Market in Hue City)

3. Ben Ngu Market

This is also a shopping place in Hue not to be missed when coming to the ancient capital. Ben Ngu Market is located right next to the river, which is a major trading place in Hue. As a market with the typical colors of Hue, so tourists coming here to shop will have a chance to experience the daily culture of the ancient capital. Associated with local people, the price here is also much cheaper than Dong Ba market.

There are many things that can be found there, ranging from fresh food, flowers, clothes, fruits and even living animals (ducks, chicken,etc), etc. If you want to find the freshest food to cook or fruit to eat, Ben Ngu market is the perfect choice for you.

Hue Local Market

(Top 5 Local Market in Hue City)

4. Tay Loc Market

Located on the bustling Nguyen Trai street, Tay Loc market is a busy market in the Northern side of Hue city. This market also has the characteristics of traditional markets in Vietnam. The items at the market are quite diverse from food, fabrics, clothing, electrical appliances, and furniture … The stalls here are eye-catching display, the salesman offers a warm welcome with Hue accent, so sweet and cute. If you are a tourist, you will be “hypnotized” by these offers!

Tay Loc Market is known as “flea market” in Hue. It is very concentrated in many items that people are used to calling “secondhand (Banh)”.

Tay loc - Top 5 Local Market in Hue City

(Top 5 Local Market in Hue City)

5. Phu Hau Market

Phu Hau market is a wholesale market, where you can buy a lot of product with very cheap price. In the past, this market was next to Truong Tien bridge, later it was moved to Phu Hau ward. From early morning, the market has been opened. Because this is a place to supply goods, vegetables, seafood products to other markets in Thua Thien Hue province. Even traders in Quang Tri also come to import goods.  That’s why the market had to open so early in order to catch up.

You can find many things here like seafood, fruits, household appliances and accessories, etc with undoubtedly a fair price.

Market in Hue City

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