Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam

Lap An Lagoon is located next to Highway 1A, Lang Co Bay, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province. The lagoon is also known as An Cu Lagoon, situated between Lang Co Beach and the majestic Bach Ma Mountain Range, it always makes visitors astounded by its beauty.

Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam

(Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam)

The Beauty of Lap An Lagoon:

With the plentiful marine resources and diversified ecosystem in 800 hectare brackish water lagoon, Lap An Lagoon has become a favorite destinations for visitors, especially for photographers and explorers.

Lap An Lagoon is famous for its amazing landscape view with white clouds floating and high mountains overlapping on the unique bright blue sky background.  Lap An Lagoon is one of the remarkable natural landscapes in Vietnam and it is described as a place where the mountain meets the ocean by travelers. Lap An Lagoon makes many visitors interested at the first sight because it looks like the lagoon in the wonderland.

Lap An Lagoon Hue

(Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam)

Low tide is the most special thing in Lap An Lagoon. At that time, the lagoon lines a white path dotted with lovely shells then people can walk on the sandy beach that emerges out of the water. This charming path and the poetic and picturesque landscape make Lap An more attractive to visitors.

Lap An Lagoon in Hue Vietnam

(Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam)

The Life of Local People:

Besides the poetic nature of Lap An, the lagoon is used to raise many aquatic animals and plants, especially oysters which brings income for the local people. The oyster has high nutritional value and is used as the favorite gift for tourists. The local people here consider oysters as “heavenly gift” and live mainly on oyster farming.

They built many ramshackle huts floating on the lagoon in order to facilitate the raising and fishing of oysters.  The local people also use the old car tires to raise oysters and these are brought ashore on boats once they are mature enough.

Lap An Lagoon in Hue Vietnam

(Lap An Lagoon in Hue, Vietnam)

From dawn to dusk, the people will go fishing, pulling out nets cast the day before and picking scallops from deep in the sand and farming oysters. Women will dig the sand under the water, hunting for sea cucumbers or peanut worms when the tide recedes. These bring a source of daily income for the local people.

Visitors can feel the local life in Lap An Lagoon when experiencing and exploring this place. Walking through old fishing villages, visitors have a chance to enjoy the peaceful and simple life of local people with fresh air. You can see how people spread the net to catch fish in the amazing lagoon and pick scallops deep in the sand or farm oysters in the water. You will feel how harmonised the livings by Lap An Lagoon be with nature.

Lap An Lagoon Hue danang hoi an

The best time to visit Lap An Lagoon:

Visitors can come to Lap An Lagoon in any season and at any time of the day because of its unique beauty. With the white clouds reflecting in the water and the rainbow crossing the sky after raining, Lap An lagoon definitely “steal visitors’s heart”.

However, the best time to visit Lap An Lagoon is from March to June, the dry season in Hue city. There are more sunny days than rainy days at that period.

The most beautiful time to visit Lap An Lagoon is at sunset when  the sun begins to go down behind Bach Ma Mountain. The scenery at this time is extremely wonderful. The surface of the water became the boundary of light and shadow in the midst of this time.

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy delicious dishes made of oysters, such as oysters steamed with ginger, sweet and sour oysters, tofu stuffed oysters, oyster noodles… in the peace of the airy and gentle space.

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