Imperial City Hue Entrance Fee in 2023

Hue Monuments’ Entrance Fee in 2023

Imperial City Hue Entrance Fee ? Referring to Hue city, we think of many ancient architectural works and natural scenes with poetic and charming features in the calm and quiet space of the old capital. Hue is not only famous for the majestic Ngu Mountains reflected in the poetic Huong River and the ancient relics of the royal dynasties, but also well-known for its beautiful beaches.

With VN Cars, Hue city not only attracts visitors by the cultural, historical and ancient beauty, but also attracts people by the friendliness of Hue people, the gentleness and sweetnes of Hue’s girls make everyone fall in love, or the sudden rains in October create the feelings of deep, quiet and also very romantic.

Hue city is one of the top choices for domestic and foreign travelers. Therefore, it is quite necessary to know in advance the cost of the destinations here to plan, estimate the cost to have a satisfying and economical trip.

1. Imperial City Hue Entrance Fee (Citadel – Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities)

Ticket price is 200,000 VND / adult, children under 1.3m is 40,000 VND / child.

For seniors over 60 years old (with ID card), or people with severe disabilities or more (with certification) will be immediately reduced 50% when buying tickets.

2. Tomb of Minh Mang / Tu Duc / Khai Dinh:

Ticket price is 150,000 VND / adult/ each tomb & 30,000 VND/ child under 1.3m/ each tomb.

3. Tomb of Gia Long / Thieu Tri / Dong Khanh / Hon Chen Palace:

Ticket price is  50,000 VND / adult & children under 1.3m is free.

4. An Dinh Palace / Dan Nam Giao:

Ticket price is 30,000 VND / adult & children under 1.3m is free.

5. Combo tickets according to tourist routes:

Combo of 03 destinations (Hue Imperial City – Minh Mang Tomb – Khai Dinh Tomb):  420,000 VND / adult & 80,000 VND / child under 1.3m.

Combo of 04 destinations (Hue Imperial City – Minh Mang Tomb – Tu Duc Tomb – Khai Dinh Tomb): 530,000 VND / adult  &  100,000 VND / children under 1.3m.

Note: Expiry date for the tourist route tickets: Combos of 3 and 4 destinations: 02-day validity

6. Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts: Free of charge.

7. An Hien Garden House: 35,000 VND/ person.

8. Thanh Toan Bridge: Free of charge, if you visit the home displaying agricultural tools: 20,000 VND / person.

9. Thien Mu Pagoda, Tu Hieu Pagoda, Tu Dam Pagoda and Dieu De Pagoda: Free of charge.

10. Bach Ma National Park:

Adults:  60,000 VND/ person.

Children:  20,000 VND/ person.

11. Elephant Springs: 50,000 VND / person.


  • Sightseeing regulations:

Please note the regulations when visiting historical sites in Hue city:

– Buy ticket before going to historical sites, and you must present your ticket at the entrance.

– Read carefully the regulations on hygiene, security, and fire prevention. Do not carry explosives, flammable substances, poisons, and weapons.

– Wear polite costumes, no hats in entering the interior of the palaces and keep quiet in the palaces and solemn places.

– Photo-taking  and filming are not allowed in the palace’s interior.

– Smoking is not allowed in restricted areas.

– No picking of flowers or twigs, hunting, painting on historical sites

– Do not lie, sit, or touch artifacts.

– Persons traveling in vehicles are required to disembark, stop the engine and remove sunglasses and masks (if any) for security checks and specific instructions.


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