Top 5 Things To Do in Hoi An by Night

Hoi An City – a famous tourist destination in Quang Nam was honored as one of the 20 most wonderful places to live in the planet. When night falls, the whole Hoi An becomes shimmering, fanciful like a beautiful picture. What make Hoi An so attractive at night ? Let VN Cars walk around the ancient town of Hoi An by night to find the answer!

Hoi An by Night

Visit Japanse Covered Pagoda at night

Japanse Covered Bridge is a tourist symbol of Hoi An ancient town, which is no stranger to any visitor coming to Hoi An. The covered bridge, as the name implies, lies on a small tributary of the Thu Bon River embracing the old town. Over 400 years of history, Cau Pagoda is still there, ancient and contemplative, witnessing the changes, marking the intersection of unique cultures.

Top Things To Do in Hoi An by Night

(Top Things To Do in Hoi An by Night)

When the night falls, Japanese Covered Pagoda becomes more beautiful and sparkling than ever. The temple isilluminated by glittering lights, constantly changing colors, opening up a beautiful multi-color picture. Walking around this colorful pagoda is an interesting experience you should not miss when traveling to Hoi An by night.

Walking around Hoi An ancient town at night

Another experience at night when coming to Hoi An is walking around the old town. It is simple but extremely attractive and interesting. The old town is quiet with the old houses with moss-tiled roofs, embellished with the shimmering and magical colors of lanterns at night. Hoi An ancient town seemed to be wearing a brilliant new shirt that charming, captivating any tourist. Walking on the ancient streets that seem to be lost in the city of light – where there is a combination of the silence of ancient architecture and the excitement of modern life.

Hoi An at Night

The highlight of Hoi An ancient town at night is the area near the Hoai river. Bach Dang street with yellow lights from the ancient houses reflecting on the river constantly creates a romantic and poetic view. Perhaps that is why this place is like Venice of Vietnam.

Top Things To Do in Hoi An by Night 2020

On the bank of the river is Nguyen Phuc Chu street, which is full of popular shops and souvenir shops. Here you can easily enjoy the fascinating specialties of Hoi An and find souvenirs to buy as gifts for your loved ones. This street is also display many beautiful pictures of Hoi An as well as other famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Take the boat trip on the Hoai River and drop the colored lanterns

Traveling to Hoi An by night not only attracts visitors by the Japanese Covered Bridge or the old town, but also the experience of sitting on a boat and dropping the colored lanterns on the Hoai River. You can rent a small boat down the Hoai River, watch the quiet and fanciful city at night, and listen to stories about this land from the boatman in peaceful space. Moreover, you can manually drop the small, sparkling light lanterns bringing hopes, dreams, prayers for health, good luck for yourself and your loved ones. The beautiful small lanterns are priced at 3,000 – 10,000 VND along the streets of Hoi An.

Top 5 Things To Do in Hoi An by Night

Hoi An night

What to eat in Hoi An by night

Another attraction when traveling to Hoi An by night is that visitors will have the opportunity to explore the cuisine with attractive local specialties. After walking around the landscape of Cau Pagoda, sitting on a boat down the Hoai River, dropping a lantern, visitors can stop by the culinary street by the Hoai River to enjoy the famous dishes of Hoi An such as Cao lau, chicken rice, Quang noodles, pancakes, dumplings … along with snacks such as noodles, tea, etc. Or take a cup of coffee along the way and enjoy the peaceful night view in the old town.

Top Things To Do in Hoi An by Night

Hoi An city always has its own ancient, contemplative and charming features, especially at nigh. VN Cars wishes you a trip with lots of meaningful experiences.

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