Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam

The Elephant Springs is a must- visit destination of Vietnam. This natural springs is about 53 kilometers outside of Hue, roughly a 1 hour drive, located in Phu Loc District, between Hue province and Da Nang city. In recent years, The Elephant Springs has become popular with tourists and locals as a place to come and relax, especially on hot days, you will have a chance to enjoy some drink, food and fresh water.

Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam

(Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam)

The Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam has a unique multi-layered layout, with different levels of bamboo huts where you can put your belongings under cover, and a place to relax alone or in groups outside the water. The springs was surrounded by thick forest and jungle, make it has a beautiful scenery. That’s why it becomes a must-visit place for those travelling between Hue and Da Nang/Hoi An. As it is not along the direct route, tourists will have to organize a private car or take a specific group bus to visit this amazing springs.

Elephant Springs Vietnam

(Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam)

When coming to the Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam, the first impression that you can see is the area consists of a number of natural pools with clear and cool water, scattered with huge boulders. You can aslos see a rock which is in the shape of an elephant, that’s the reason why people call this springs is Elephant Springs. In this natural springs, the blue water prints drifting white silver clouds and vast green forests. The water here is so clean that everyone can see even small things in the bottom. You can jump into deep green pond, swim and soak in cool water. You can also sit on the flat rocks and breathe fresh air while listening to the sound of the water pouring.

Elephant Springs Hue

(Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam)

Especially, you can enjoy some local food in this springs like local forest chicken, steamed clear tapioca cake and stream fish in any local stalls. The fresh atmosphere and cool weather here will make you have a delicious dishes.

Elephant Springs Hue Vietnam

(Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam)

In addition, the Elephant springs’ view is awesome for an amazing photos. The higher part of this natural springs is full of rock and tree that could be an ideal place for people who love adventure. The more you go, the more beautiful the natural scenery appears in this natural springs.

Elephant Springs

You will get more cascades on the upstream side, sunlight reflected on the surface of the spring and it created a twinkle as rainbow, a fantastic scenery as heaven or you can create artistic photos with the nature views at the sunset also.

Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam private car

You must bring underwear or bikini and towel when visit the Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam. Besides, don’t forget to bring suncream and money for paying entrance fees ticket (20.000 vnd/ pax), local drinks, food, ….

Elephant Springs in Hue Vietnam

If you are staying in Hoi An or Da Nang city and transfer to Hue ancient capital or from Hue to Da Nang/ Hoi An, then Elephant springs is a highly recommend site to stop and enjoy.

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