Love Bridge in Da Nang City

The Love Bridge in Da Nang city attracts many tourists, especially couples.It is an ideal dating place for couples who are in love, want to come here to admire the beauty of the bridge, and mark their love with the desire to be together forever and happy.

Love Bridge in Da Nang

(Love Bridge in Da Nang)

The bridge is located at the beginning of the Dragon Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang. This is a highlight cluster of works on the Han River of Da Nang City, opening free to visitors and this is also a bridge built as a marina.

The bridge is designed with the arc shape with the length of 68 meters and the width of 6 meters, facing the middle of the river and has plenty of space to admire the beauty of the Han River.

Love Bridge in Da Nang Vietnam

(Love Bridge Da Nang)

Standing from the Love Bridge, visitors can see the surrounding landscape and the other side of the city center of Danang. At night, you will find the scenery here is peaceful and sparkling. And this is one of the impressive highlights on the Han River of Danang City.

Every night, hundreds of heart-shaped red lanterns are lit up to make the Han River bridge space more sparkling and fanciful. It is the light that reflects on the surface of the river, waving the water waves, creating a very romantic, wonderful scenery.

Love Bridge Da Nang Vietnam

(Love Bridge Da Nang)

Love Bridge is inspired by famous bridges in the world such as Pont des Arts (France), Hohenzollern (Germany), Tretriakovsky (Russia) or Milvio (Italy). Although they are different in terms of design but these bridges have the same meaning, that is the couples who love each other will come here to hang the lock with the names of both of them, their love will be forever and faithful, nothing can be separated.

People who come here can bring their own locks or buy them at the lock point next to the bridge. The locks here are also molded into a heart shape – the most romantic symbol of love for couples. After the lock is securely hung on the bridge, they will throw or hide the key so that no one can open it.

Love Bridge

“The Carp transforming to a Dragon” Statue

The Carp transforming to a Dragon is not only a beauty image of the marina but also an image to beautify the aesthetic value for the East bank of the Han River. This image shows the desire to escape the misery of the present life and become the place that many young people and tourists visit and take interest in.

Love Bridge in Da Nang

(Love Bridge in Da Nang)

Danang Love Bridge with the statue of The Carp transforming to a Dragon in the DHC Marina cluster of the marina project and the Water Sports Club. The Love Bridge was built to the middle of the Han Bridge and is located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing here, you can admire the beauty of both famous bridges, certainly the scenery that Love Bridge brings very romantic and poetic space.

Love Bridge in Vietnam

The Carp transforming to a Dragon is a symbolic image for the marina with a sculpted body and layers. Dragon’s head was inspired by the Ly dynasty and was designed to spray water. Fishtail means peace, prosperity and solidarity. And the statue The Carp transforming to a Dragon will spray water at every weekend night creates an interesting image for visitors. The statue is designed with the height of 7m, the weight nearly 200 tons and is made from 5 blocks of natural white marble.

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Top 5 Places That You Should Visit in Danang by Night

Da Nang is well-known for many beautiful landmarks such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Hanh Son, Ba Na Hills, My Khe Beach, etc. Da Nang is one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam for both domestic and foreign tourists. It will be more exciting if you have a Danang nightlife tour because you will have a chance to watch the beauty of this beautiful city at night. Let’s follow us to know the top 5 places that you should not miss in Danang by night.

1. Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is the most famous bridge in Da Nang because it can spray water and fire. Located in the heart of the city, Dragon Bridge has outstanding architectural features that make anyone passing to look at it. The bridge was constructed in the shape of a golden dragon, symbolizes the aspiration of Da Nang city.

In the day time, the golden bridge is covered with a strong golden color, there are many tourists visiting to take photos. From the dragon bridge, you can see the sentence Tran Thi Ly, Han River Bridge very clearly. At night, the Dragon Bridge is sparkling by the continuous color changing light system. Especially, at 21:00 every Saturday and Sunday night, the Dragon Bridge can spray water and fire from its mouth. This is definitely an amazing view that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Da Nang.

Danang by Night

(Dragon Bridge – Danang by Night)

2. Asia Park – Sun Wheel

This place is a unique combination of entertainment models in the world with Asian characteristics. Coming here in the evening, you will be immersed in the sparkle of the thrilling games. There are many games such as roller coasters, free-fall towers, high-speed chutes, skytrain, etc.  It will surely bring you many interesting experiences.

The most fascinating experience when visiting Asia Park is the feeling of hovering on the Sun Wheel. This is the largest rotation in Southeast Asia and attracts many tourists. Coming here in the evening, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Danang city under the shimmering lights. With a capacity up to 380 seats, you will have about 15 minutes to see Danang in sight from an altitude of 115m, the feeling is hard to describe.

Top 5 Places That You Should Visit in Danang by Night

(Asia Park – Danang By Night)

The park opens from 15:30 to 23:30, welcoming hundreds of visitors to visit. Moreover, the park also has a food stall with a variety of styles, from Japan to Europe, promising to bring you delicious delicacies.

3. Sky 36 Club

It is considered the most famous night spot in Da Nang. For those who like the hustle and bustle of super-hit tracks and panoramic views of the city at night, Sky 36 is the perfect choice for you.

Located in the heart of Da Nang city, Sky 36 is the highest Sky Bar in Vietnam. With the height of 163m, you will have a chance to see the whole city of Da Nang at night. This is a convergence of young people with monumental and luxurious space. Here, the system of modern glass lift will take visitors both moving and can watch the city up to the highest floor. Upon arrival, you will be overwhelmed with modern design that is a harmonious combination between outdoor bar, sofa bed and inside VIP area. This is a luxurious Da Nang night venue and attracts tourists on every holiday and New Year.

da nang at night

(Danang By Night)

4. Han River Bridge

This is a unique spinning bridge in the heart of Da Nang city. Han river bridge is also an important traffic bridge of Da Nang. Coming here in the evening, visitors will admire a bridge with colorful highlights, sparkling an entire Han River.

In particular, this bridge can rotate 90 degrees along the flow of the river to open a new path for large ships to pass. From Monday to Friday, the bridge will rotate according to the previous schedule, open at 1 am and close the bridge before 2 am, but if there are large ships the bridge will close at 4 am on the same day. Particularly for Saturdays and Sundays, the bridge will be rotated from 23:00 to 24:00 on the same day. Because of this special thing, the Han River Bridge was chosen as an attractive place to spend the night in Danang.

Danang vietnam at night

(Danang By Night)

5. Helio Night Market

This is a shopping and dining place that you should visit when coming to Danang. When the night falls, it is also the time when the Helio Night Market is dazzling with lights. The market has many stalls selling souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, shoes, .. for you to freely choose. The items here are very plentiful in style but also affordable. This is a bustling shopping place for students who is also a popular nightlife in Danang.

After shopping, you can enjoy delicious dishes like snails, pancakes, rice paper, avocado cream, etc. and many other attractive dishes. The night market opens from 17:00 pm to 23:00 pm.

play in danang at night


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How To Go To Marble Mountain From Hoi An or Da Nang

Marble Mountain is known as a complex of 5 limestone mountains growing close to each other but with different height and shape, it also also known as Non Nuoc mountain.

Marble Mountain is located in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang. It attracts many tourists each year to visit the landscape. Each mountain has a name like the five elements of mutual love that are Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son. Each mountain has its own beauty in shape, position, stone material, cave, pagoda inside. Among these mountains, Thuy Son is the largest and most beautiful mountain. It is 106m high with 3 tops on 3 floors like 3 stars (Tam Thai). This is the place where many caves and temples are concentrated.

how to go to marble mountain

(How to go to marble mountain from Danang/ Hoi An)

Getting Around Marble Mountain

Starting the journey to Marble Mountain, you can visit the stone shops at the foot of the mountains, there are quite a lot of fine stone sculptures for you to choose. But you should only take a look, not hurry because you have a long journey to visit, but if you bring these items will be quite heavy, so you should choose for yourself something you like before and after the end of the trip. Visiting Marble Mountains and coming back later.

how to go to marble mountain from danang

(How to go to marble mountain)

Thuy Son Mountain is the next destination that you will come. This is the largest mountain and the most beautiful scenes in Marble Mountains. If you go there in the late afternoon, you will probably have to walk down because the dark lift here stops working (the ticket staff will tell you if it closed, if you go too late, they only sell for the ticket for the first leg). Another option for you is to walk to the temple, this is for those who are in good health and like climbing. To reach Linh Ung Pagoda on Thuy Son Mountain, you need to pass 108 steps at the East Gate and the West Gate will be 156 steps and lead to Tam Thai Pagoda.

how to go to marble mountain from Hoi An

Tam Thai Pagoda is located on a fairly flat surface, the pagoda has 3 gates and the most important main gate for the monks, the left gate for men and for women to the right. The temple has an ancient architecture and has undergone many repairs due to natural disasters, wars.

how to go to marble mountain

Linh Ung Pagoda in Marble Mountains is also a large temple on Thuy Son mountain which is visited by many tourists. There is a 10m high Sakyamuni statue placed in the middle of the center. According to the Ngu Hanh Son travel guide, you should come here to burn incense and pray because this temple is very sacred.

how to go to marble mountain - linh ung pagoda

Next, you will come to the mysterious cave complex in Ngu Hanh Son with different names such as Huyen Khong cave, Am Phu cave, Linh Nham cave, Van Nguyet cave, Lang Hu cave … Huyen Khong cave is the biggest cave with the most beautiful scenery. Am Phu cave has a mysterious dark tone that makes visitors feel a little trembling as if they are increasingly away from the earth to descend into hell. The rest of the cave each has a different beauty and shape that you need to come to explore by yourself.

How To Get To Marble Mountains From Hoi An or Da Nang


You can book a taxi for a one-way trip or round trip “wait and return.” The price is around 300,000 VND (13 USD) for a one-way ride from Hoi An. You can prebook or negotiate taxi fares for a round trip from Hoi An at a cost of around 570,000 VND (25 USD). You can ask your hotel to arrange this for you.

Private car company – VN Cars Service

Motorbike or Own Transport

Marble Mountains is located between Hoi An and Da Nang, finding this place with your own transport is very easy. Travel 8 kilometres south from Da Nang or 20 kilometres north from Hoi An. Along either the Le Van Hien highway or the (more pleasant) Truong Sa coast road. You will find yourself in the shadow of the limestone outcrop. The ticket entrance can be found on Huyen Tran Cong Chua street surrounded by sculpture shops.

Organised Tours to Marble Mountain

Most hotels/ travel agencies in Hoi An will offer a tour of Marble Mountains. They are usually operating as resellers for a tour company, so you need to ask the details of the tour before making the booking.


For those who decide to go on your own and drive,  you can park cars and motorbikes inside the designated parking lot at gate two for 10,000 VND.

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Son Tra Peninsula in Danang

Son Tra Peninsula is a special gift that nature granted to Danang city. With many famous landscapes such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Ban Co peak, Tien Sa port, Obama rocky beach and many other attractive sites, Son Tra Peninsula promises to be a ideal destination. Visitors can have fabulous experience such as diving to see coral reefs, windsurfing, skydiving … or going to the mountain to see Voc Cha, 1000-year-old banyan tree. To make the trip become the most perfect and memorable, let’s VN Car explore Son Tra Pearl Island of Da Nang!

Son Tra Peninsula in Danang

1. Location

Son Tra Peninsula is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Da Nang. Located about 10km from the center of Da Nang city to the Northeast, in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, the peninsula is a pristine forest with a fresh climate and beautiful natural scenery. With three sides facing the sea and the other facing the urban area, it is the only place in Vietnam that has a forest ecosystem attached to the sea.

Son Tra peninsula has a total area of ​​about 4,400 ha and 693m high above sea level.The peninsula is like a giant wall, covering and protecting Danang city.

Son Tra Peninsula

2. Best Time to Visit Son Tra Peninsula

The best time to visit Son Tra peninsula is from March to September because at this time, the climate here is very cool, airy, the road is also easier to travel, convenient for sightseeing. Currently, Danang has Thuan Phuoc bridge, you can easily move to visit the Son Tra Peninsula.

3. The beauty of Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is considered as the green lung of Danang city, is a source of oxygen for 4 million people and is also home to many plants and animals. It has a large biodiversity, including many different forest ecosystems, that are classified by temperature system. It is absolutely true to say that Son Tra peninsula is a treasure of Da Nang, a shining jewel that needs to be wrapped in a glass case.

Son Tra peninsula is famous for the beauty of nature with green forests, long sandy beaches, clear water beaches reflecting the sunlight and colorful coral reefs. All create a charming picture of nature, making people delighted.

Coming to Son Tra, you can experience all the fun and entertaining activities available here, visit the scenery, walk on the fine white sand, and admire the panoramic view of Da Nang in every different angle.

Son Tra Peninsula in Danang vietnam

4. Interesting sights in Son Tra Peninsula

Ban Co Peak (Fairy Chess Peak)

Son Tra peak is called Ban Co peak, one of the destinations that everyone should not miss when coming to this peninsula. The road to the top of the mountain is twisted and winding, challenging, like a road to a fairy-tale place.

During your journey, you will sometimes be through beautiful dreamy beaches, listening to the sound of the waves whispering in the ears, sometimes through the old forests with gentle breeze and cool breeze, facing to the challenge of a dangerous 60 degree incline. When you reach the top, you will feel the greatness of the natural scenery, watching everything around you as if shrinking into your eyes, feeling like you can reach out to the clouds.

dinh ban co

1000-year-old Banyan tree

Located in the relic population of Son Tra peninsula, the giant tree has appeared for a long time, and the scientist still do not confirm its true age. Banyan tree flourishes with a large trunk with a circumference of up to 10m, there are more than 20 other roots around, each root up to 25m symbolizing a strong will.

cay da ngan nam

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is the largest temple in Da Nang with the combination with modern and traditional architecture. The temple was built on the middle of the mountain like a tortoise shell and leaned on the mountains, facing to the sea. Linh Ung Pagoda is considered as a noble faith of human, the only spiritual destination in Son Tra peninsula today.

linh ung pagoda

But Beach

But beach is the most peaceful and has the most entertainment activities with windsurfing, skydiving, scuba diving … Not only famous for its beauty, this place is also considered as the real Buddha in the world.

son tra

In addition to the places mentioned above, Son Tra peninsula is still new for you to visit, such as Golden Sand, Lighthouse, Rotori airport and Rada, Vong Canh house, Vooc Cha … they’re very attractive.

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Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills is known as one of the most famous places in Vietnam that any tourist should not miss. This place is like a “fairy place” with beautiful ancient buildings, extremely attractive entertainment games or even a fragrant flower garden awaits visitors to take photos. All have created a very unique Ba Na Hills that any visitor has come to visit.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

1. Location

Ba Na Hills is located in Hoa Vang district, about 25km southwest of Danang center, at an altitude of 1487m above sea level. Ba Na is compared to Da Lat of the Central or Vietnam’s green lung.

bana hills - Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

2. Things to do at Ba Na Hills

– Golden Bridge

Opened in June 2018, the Golden Bridge has become a phenomenon that attracts the attention of numerous domestic and international tourists. And recently, Times magazine voted the Golden Bridge among the top 10 most attractive destinations on the planet in 2018.

This bridge is a new architectural construction, laying inside Ba Na Hills entertainment – tourism complex with the height of 1.400m above sea level and stretches about 150m long. More than being a pure architecture piece, the Golden Bridge has been asserting itself as a new symbol of Da Nang’s tourism.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

– Fantasy Park

With an area of ​​21,000 square meters, Fantasy Park is known as the largest indoor entertainment area in Asia, which will bring visitors the moments of fun and many new and exciting games. Fantasy Park is divided into 3 floors with thousands of games from easy to dangerous with a total of more than 90 free games like Skiver pilot, free-falling tower, Jurassic park, haunted house, Outrun racing, windmill, fairy forest, 4D death race, …

In addition, there are 3 very diverse food courts in this area serving a variety of Asian and European cuisines along with a souvenir stalls area where many products are sold.

Ba Na Hills Da Nang

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

– Le Jardin d’Amour

A flower garden with a huge area of ​​8,206m2 located in the East of Ba Na mountain. The flower garden attracts visitors by its cool, pleasant climate with many beautiful flowers. In particular, there are 9 small gardens with different unique architecture: Suoi Mo garden, Eden garden, Mysterious garden, Uyen Uyen garden, Thinking garden, Mythological garden, Memory garden, Sacred garden and vineyards. Coming to the French style flower garden “Le Jardin d’Amour”, visitors are also captivated with many rare and colorful flowers such as hydrangeas, lavender, peach bells, chrysanthemum …..

Golden Bridge Da Nang

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

– Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda was built on the top of Ba Na with an altitude of 1500m. It has become a famous spiritual tourist that visitors should not miss. This temple has an architectural style similar to that of Vietnamese pagodas with curved tile roofs, large courtyards lined with stone and pine trees in front of 3 different types of leaves. In particular, visitors will be impressed by the 27m high statue of Guru Shakyamuni, meditate on a lotus tower and below are 8 exquisite carved reliefs, all recreating life. In addition, visitors coming here also have a panoramic view of Danang city, Son Tra peninsula, My Khe beach

Linh Ung pagoda in Bana Hills

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

– French Village

Coming to the French village, you will experience a romantic and classic France with the style from the 20th century with unique architectural works such as a series of romantic castles, St Denis Cathedral, Apremont sur Allier village, plaza, hotel, village, town … In addition, this beautiful French village also owns many modern utility services such as closed swimming pool , high-class spa system, conference room, shopping area, coffee bar, four- seasons entertainment program for children and adults …

Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

– Debay Wine Cellar

Debay wine cellar is known as a very special architecture built by the French with the age now nearly 100 years old. This cellar is 2m wide with 100m length and always has an ideal temperature of 16 – 20 degrees Celsius to preserve many ancient French wines of ancient times. In addition, inside this place is a fireplace, a storage cellar, and a bar.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang

(Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Da Nang)

– Wax Museum

The wax museum at Ba Na Hills is the largest wax sculpture exhibition area in Vietnam. Each wax statue is an extremely sophisticated work of art made by Italian artisans. At the Wax Museum, you will be able to see and take unlimited photos with wax replicas of many famous characters from around the world such as US President Barack Obama, singer Victoria Adam, basketball player Michael Jordan, composer Park Jae Sang …

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

3. Best Time to Visit Ba Na Hills

The temperature in Ba Na throughout the year is always cool to cold. In the hot and uncomfortable heat of Danang City up to 39 – 40 degrees in the summer, the peak of Ba Na is only about 20 – 22 degrees Celsius. In the winter, the lowest temperature is 2 degrees C and the highest summer is 25 degrees C.

The most ideal time to visit Ba Na Hills is the period from April to August every year. This time is in the summer, Ba Na is the busiest in the year with long-term vacation. If you are a lover of bustle, this time is very suitable. However, if you are a quiet person, do not want to be too crowded but just want peace, you can visit Ba Na in the winter or days of the week to be able to mingle in the quiet space. However, there is a disadvantage if you go in the low season, it is not suitable to stay overnight because at that time it was a bit too deserted and so boring.




Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Da Nang City

Da Nang City is famous for long romantic beaches, the city of unique and impressive bridges. One of the highlights of this city is the bridges connecting the Han River. It not only helps people travel more smoothly, but also connects trade, creates the motivation for economic development, and creates a unique feature for the city with new architectures and unique design ideas. When the night falls on the Han River, the bridges become more colorful with the colored lights, adding to the charm of a dynamic young city. One of them is Thuan Phuoc Bridge – the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is designed to cross the Han River with a total investment of nearly VND 1,000 billion built on February 16, 2003 and completed on July 19, 2009. This bridge plays an important role, a floating silk strip on the banks of the Han River, bringing in itself a magnificent beauty but very gentle, attracting any visitors when visiting.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is designed  with four lanes and three spans. It is 1,856 meters long and 18 meters wide, and has a main span of 405 meters. This is also the first suspension bridge in Vietnam which is structured with alloy steel box girder throughout the entire suspension span of 655m, made with hardened beam technology according to international standards.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge danang vietnam

In addition, with the idea of lighting design as the image of a bird wing towards the sea, Philips company has used the Led system with the latest technology that the company is using for bridges around the world to highlight the architecture and magnificent beauty of Thuan Phuoc bridge.

Along with new architectures and unique design ideas, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is a destination to attract tourists. Especially, when the night falls on the Han River, Thuan Phuoc Bridge becomes more colorful under the colored lights, adding to the charm of a dynamic young city. It helps visitors admire the beautiful city of Danang at night. Tourists can go to Thuan Phuoc Bridge to experience when night falls. Everything is displayed in front of the other bridges connecting the banks of the Han River, the buildings or the sparkling lights, … Visitors will leave their soul in the middle of the sky and enjoy a very interesting experience.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge in danang

From all points of view, Thuan Phuoc Bridge has a modern, splendid and charming appearance. The bridge is located in a special position, where the Han River flows into the sea at the mouth of Da Nang Bay, connecting the two coastal roads of Nguyen Tat Thanh and Hoang Sa – Truong Sa, forming a system of inter-regional transportation routes, from Hai Van Tunnel to Son Tra Peninsula, across Man Quang Bridge and connecting with Son Tra – Hoi An tourist route. Since then, a transport – tourism system has been completed, opening up the possibility of exploiting tourism potential not only for Danang but also for neighboring localities such as Hoi An and Thua Thien Hue.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge vietnam

If the Han River swing bridge is the first bridge marking the development milestone of the city, witness the transformation of the east of the Han River; Dragon Bridge and Tran Thi Ly New Bridge with the image of the dragon and the sail reaching out to the big sea, showing the dynamism and the will of the people of Da Nang, the Thuan Phuoc Bridge stands tall at the end of the sea. The river captivates people by the beauty of elegance, sophistication and highlights with the shimmering lights in the immense water.

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Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam

Lap An Lagoon is located next to Highway 1A, Lang Co Bay, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province. The lagoon is also known as An Cu Lagoon, situated between Lang Co Beach and the majestic Bach Ma Mountain Range, it always makes visitors astounded by its beauty.

Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam

(Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam)

The Beauty of Lap An Lagoon:

With the plentiful marine resources and diversified ecosystem in 800 hectare brackish water lagoon, Lap An Lagoon has become a favorite destinations for visitors, especially for photographers and explorers.

Lap An Lagoon is famous for its amazing landscape view with white clouds floating and high mountains overlapping on the unique bright blue sky background.  Lap An Lagoon is one of the remarkable natural landscapes in Vietnam and it is described as a place where the mountain meets the ocean by travelers. Lap An Lagoon makes many visitors interested at the first sight because it looks like the lagoon in the wonderland.

Lap An Lagoon Hue

(Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam)

Low tide is the most special thing in Lap An Lagoon. At that time, the lagoon lines a white path dotted with lovely shells then people can walk on the sandy beach that emerges out of the water. This charming path and the poetic and picturesque landscape make Lap An more attractive to visitors.

Lap An Lagoon in Hue Vietnam

(Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam)

The Life of Local People:

Besides the poetic nature of Lap An, the lagoon is used to raise many aquatic animals and plants, especially oysters which brings income for the local people. The oyster has high nutritional value and is used as the favorite gift for tourists. The local people here consider oysters as “heavenly gift” and live mainly on oyster farming.

They built many ramshackle huts floating on the lagoon in order to facilitate the raising and fishing of oysters.  The local people also use the old car tires to raise oysters and these are brought ashore on boats once they are mature enough.

Lap An Lagoon in Hue Vietnam

(Lap An Lagoon in Hue, Vietnam)

From dawn to dusk, the people will go fishing, pulling out nets cast the day before and picking scallops from deep in the sand and farming oysters. Women will dig the sand under the water, hunting for sea cucumbers or peanut worms when the tide recedes. These bring a source of daily income for the local people.

Visitors can feel the local life in Lap An Lagoon when experiencing and exploring this place. Walking through old fishing villages, visitors have a chance to enjoy the peaceful and simple life of local people with fresh air. You can see how people spread the net to catch fish in the amazing lagoon and pick scallops deep in the sand or farm oysters in the water. You will feel how harmonised the livings by Lap An Lagoon be with nature.

Lap An Lagoon Hue danang hoi an

The best time to visit Lap An Lagoon:

Visitors can come to Lap An Lagoon in any season and at any time of the day because of its unique beauty. With the white clouds reflecting in the water and the rainbow crossing the sky after raining, Lap An lagoon definitely “steal visitors’s heart”.

However, the best time to visit Lap An Lagoon is from March to June, the dry season in Hue city. There are more sunny days than rainy days at that period.

The most beautiful time to visit Lap An Lagoon is at sunset when  the sun begins to go down behind Bach Ma Mountain. The scenery at this time is extremely wonderful. The surface of the water became the boundary of light and shadow in the midst of this time.

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy delicious dishes made of oysters, such as oysters steamed with ginger, sweet and sour oysters, tofu stuffed oysters, oyster noodles… in the peace of the airy and gentle space.

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Shopping in Danang City

Da Nang is the third largest city located in Central Vietnam and it is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when visiting Vietnam. Da Nang has many beautiful landscapes, tasty food and ideal places for shopping. There are a lot of choices for you when it comes to shopping in Danang, from budget places to luxurious ones. It’s a great chance for you to buy souvenirs or good local products for loved ones as well as your family.

If you would like to know what places good for shopping in Danang are, check out the following list as below.

Shopping in Danang

(Shopping in Danang)

1. Han Market:

Han Market is one of the most popular and crowded market in Da Nang city. Located at the grand intersection of Bach Dang Street, Tran Phu Street, Hung Vuong Street and Tran Hung DaoStreet, Han market holds an important position in Da Nang history. In recent years, this market has the spacious atmosphere and the arrangement of shops and stores inside that it can gives customers a relaxing feeling  when shopping there.

Han Market in Da Nang City

(Shopping in Danang)

There are hundreds of stalls selling local products in this market. The ground level are predominantly food stalls, dried and fresh foods. You can find the Chili paste, Ly Son garlic, dried squids, dried rice cracker in this level. The upper level is dominated by many fabric, shoes and clothes stalls, cosmetics, home-wares.

Shopping in Danang vietnam

(Shopping in Danang)

2. Con Market:

Con Market is located at the corner of two main streets in the centre of Da Nang city, Hung Vuong street and Ong Ich Khiem street, it is very convenient for both local people and tourists to shop there. Con Market is known as Da Nang Commercial Center and the busiest market of Da Nang city.

Con Market is now home to up to 2,000 stalls and various selections of goods. The ground floor is a great place to buy dried and fresh foods. The upper floor is for handicrafts and clothes. You will have the local experience when shopping at Con Market,  it is the place where most families go shopping for their groceries as well as other necessary items.

The best time to visit Con Market is in daytime and don’t forget to bargain when shopping at Con Market, cos you could pay approximately 20-30% lower price for your items.

Shopping in Danang city

3. Big C Supermarket:

Big C Supermarket is one of the biggest retail supermarkets in Da Nang city, it provides wide selections from domestic and imported products. You don’t need to bargain when shopping at Big C because of the products with the price printed on. Big C is known as a family-oriented shopping mall and this supermarket focuses on supplying customers the top-notch service and quality with the lowest price.

You can many kind of products in Big C such as household goods, wines, cosmetics, and organic products, …. In reality, Big C’s own private brand is significantly priced lower than other leading brands. Big C also has a lot of other businesses including from karaoke and cinemas booths to fashion boutiques and bookshops, with the aim to offer one-stop shop experience for customers.

Shopping in Danang big c

(Shopping in Danang)

4. Lotte Mart Da Nang:

Lotte Mart Da Nang is located in the Southeast monument, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, it is one of the largest supermarkets in Da Nang city. Lotte Mart is a business commercial center with the plentiful of products and services that can meet the needs of shopping of the locals and tourists.

There are five floors at Lotte Mart. The first floor is for fast- food stores (like Jolibee, Lotteria,..) and the electronics centers (like Samsung). The second floor is for cosmetics, clothes, shoes from famous brands such as Nike, Levis, The Face Shop… The third floor is for all food products with high quality in Vietnam like Dutch Lady, Vinamilk… The top floor is for entertainment with many restaurants, spaces for entertaining, coffee shops and cinemas.

If you would like to find a place for shopping and entertainment, Lotte Mart is a good choice for you.

Shopping in Danang lotte mart

5. Danang Souvenirs & Cafe:

Danang Souvenirs & Cafe is a nice place for both foreign and domestic tourists to visit, relax and shop while staying at Da Nang. This shop is famous for unique souvenirs and gifts about Da Nang city. If you would like to find a place to buy some gifts showing about Da Nang features to give for your family and friends, this is an ideal place for you.  This shop would like to bring Da Nang city to the world by their products which is desinged with the city’s images.

The shop also offers a cool cafe area where you can have a rest to enjoy good drinks and chat with your friends or find the inspiration for work. The price here is quite reasonable.


4 Best Ways To Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang

What is the best ways to travel from Da Nang to Nha Trang?. Nha Trang is located in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.  It is one of the most beautiful seaside towns with well-renowned white sand beaches, impressive coral reefs, and other tourism activities. If you are interested in recreational activities and water sports, Nha Trang is a perfect destionation.

This coastal city Nha Trang is considered as one of the best entertainment centers in Vietnam, it is famous for Vinpearl Island with the luxurious resorts and theme parks, aquarium and hot spring with mud baths. Visitors can visit Nha Trang any time during the year thanks to the warm and comfortable weather.

Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang

(Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang)

In recent years, most travelers would like to go through the S-shaped country by traveling from north to south or vice versa.  Da Nang and Nha Trang are the two beautiful destinations in the Central. Da Nang is well known as ‘the most worth living city”  and Nha Trang is a “dynamic city”. Traveling from Da Nang to Nha Trang has become a popular choice for tourists if they are going from the north to the south.

The distance from  Da Nang to Nha Trang is about 550 km. There are many choices of transportation for this route, in this post, we will discuss the best ways to travel from Da Nang to Nha Trang so that you can choose the best option for you!

1. Traveling by Bus:

Traveling by bus is a perfect choice for budged travelers because visitors can get good services with reasonable prices. The price ranges from US $12- $15 for a person, depending on where and how you book. The transfer from Da Nang to Nha Trang by bus will take you around 10 to 12 hours.

Normally, the bus will pick you up in the center of Da Nang and drop you off in the center of Nha Trang. You should book a night bus which departs at around 5 pm and arrives in Nha Trang at 5 am the next day, then you can sleep on the bus during the trip. It is really convenient and easy for travelers to travel from Da Nang to Nha Trang.

Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by bus

(Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by bus)

2. Traveling by Train:

Traveling from Da Nang to Nha Trang by train is the preferred option for travelers wanting to experience the beautiful scenery of Central Vietnam.

Normally, a one-way train ticket costs around US $20 for a soft seat and US $25-$35 for a soft bed. It will take about 10 hours to get to Nha Trang by train. There are 6 trains departing daily from Da Nang to Nha Trang. As suggested by many experienced tourists, you should get the night train starting at 10.30 pm at Da Nang station, then you can sleep on the train. It helps you save time and be more relaxed. Arriving at Nha Trang railway station, you can walk or take a short taxi ride to get to your hotel.

Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by train

(Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by train)

3. Traveling by Flight:

Traveling from Da Nang to Nha Trang by flight is the safest and fastest way for travellers, however, it’s also the most expensive way.

It will take you more than 1 hour for the trip from Da Nang to Nha Trang by flight. You can choose a direct flight from Da Nang to Nha Trang of Vietnam airlines or Vietjet Air. The price of a flight ticket is depending on the airline company and seat class and their promotions. Arriving at Nha Trang airport, you can go to the city center by bus or taxi.

Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by flight

(Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by flight)

4. Traveling by Private Car:

Traveling from Da Nang to Nha Trang by private car has become more popular for travelers, especially for a family. Booking a private car, you can avoid the crowds on the bus or train. The transfer from Da Nang to Nha Trang by car will take you about 11 to 12 hours for the direct route.

The private car service offers complete flexibility of your itinerary and provide the comfort and privacy that other methods of transport do not offer. You can choose the departure time from Da Nang, customize your own journey, so you can stop at any destinations on the way if you request in advance. It is considered the safest option due to drivers being experienced and he can speak basic English to help you along the way.

hue private car - hue-phongnha-car-private-driver3

(Travel From Da Nang to Nha Trang by car)

Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral is located on 156 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.  It was built in 1923 by the priest Louis Vallet for Danang’s French colonial population. The church officially opened on 10 March 1924 with the purpose of serving the French Catholics who lived in Da Nang at that time. Now, the church has retained almost intact ancient features and its unique architecture so far. If you would like to explore these impressive architecture, discovering Da Nang Cathedral is one of things  that you should do in Da Nang in the journey of exploring the beautiful coastal city.

Da Nang Cathedral

(Da Nang Cathedral)

Da Nang Cathedral has many different names such as: Pink Church, Church Tourane (French colonial), but the locals often call the church as Rooster Church because of the gray rooster on top of the church which is made of hollow light alloy and coated with a layer of special chemicals. The rooster on top of the church is not the symbol of France but the symbol associated with St. Peter’s stories written in the Gospel reminding the penitence and awakening, as the priest explained. Since 1963, the church has been officially called Da Nang Cathedral, one of the most important religious centers of Da Nang city.

Da Nang Cathedral - danang private car

With a height of 70 meters and it’s Gothic-style design is an amazing and marvelous architectural structure incorporating several medieval stained glass windows of various saints, Da Nang Cathedral has been awarded a medal by the Vatican Holy See.

Da Nang Cathedral - vn car services

The Pink Church was designed with towering contours and rhombic-shaped entrance arches. Inside the church, there are the large number of pictures and statues of Jesus illustrated in the Bible, which is decorated under the form of Catholic Church art in the West. There’s also a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the behind of the Cathedral, which is a replica of the Lourdes Grotto in France.

danang private cars

The atmosphere at this church is extremely peaceful and sacred. Especially, when you visit the church at weekends, tourists will be witnessed and participate in the activities and the solemn rites of Catholicism. It will be one of unforgettable memories for tourists.

As the special religious architectural works of Da Nang city, it serves the local Catholic Community of over 4000 parishioners to this everyday. Services are held in different languages daily, with English-spoken sermons on Sundays at 9:00 am. If you’re looking to visit the Pink church for Mass, please note that you should come there early due to limited seats. Da Nang Cathedral’s entrance is free of charge.

danang car rental - Da Nang Cathedral

The cathedral is located on Tran Phu Street, about a 15-minute walk from the iconic Dragon Bridge. Da Nang Cathedral is great place for escaping the bustling city centre as its high tower offers a stunning view of the city, Han River.

If tourists don’t have a chance to visit this church, you can find the numerous spectacular images of Da Nang Cathedral on the popular tourist sites. Nowadays, the unique architectural features of Pink Church Da Nang has been deliberately preserved and become a red flame gently heating the pilgrim soul in the journey to the Da Nang city full of windy.

Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral is an appealing attraction for tourists to contemplate, especially with foreign tourist. Coming to this church, you will not only have a chance to explore the unique architecture of the Cathedral, but also immerse in the solemn and sacred atmosphere, far differing from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

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