Best Cao Lau in Hoi An

Cao Lau Hoi An is the pride of the culinary culture of the old town. The dish will awaken all your senses, the yellow soft noodles, the fragrance of fish sauce, soy sauce, the greasy smell of pork rind. It all blends with the sweet fragrance of shrimp and spoky pork.

1. How does Cao Lau look like?

At first glance, this will be a noodle dish, but Cao Lau is light yellow bread, thick and shorter than normal noodles. Similar to Quang noodles, Cao Lau Hoi An is a dish mixed with a little broth, served with  slices of smoky pork, pork crackling, chopped pork, roasted peanuts and raw vegetables.

Best Cao Lau in Hoi An

(Best Cao Lau in Hoi An)

2. Cao Lau – a pride of Hoi An Ancient Town

In the past, Cao Lau used to be a “delicacy” that only served the rich or high-ranking people, so they often sat on the upper floors, eating and enjoying the streets, then people called ” Cao Lau”. Nowadays, Cao Lau have become popular dishes that can be found in every corner of the old town, but the name “beautiful delicacy” is still used not because this is an expensive dish anymore, because the quintessence in the cuisine style of Hoi An is extremely characteristic.

You will only really feel a complete Cao Lau in Hoi An. The recipe for this dish is not kept secret, nowhere can imitate that quintessential taste. All secrets are in the processing stage elaborately of Cao Lau.

Cao Lau in Hoi An

(Best Cao Lau in Hoi An)

3. What make Cao Lau so special?

Cao Lau’s noodles are carefully prepared. Unlike Pho ‘s noodles, you must choose pure rice of Quang Nam. In particular, the locals do not choose the type of rice for a long time but also not the new type of rice. When that standard is met, the noodles is soft and chewy, aromatic with typical rice aroma of the Central. Rice must be soaked in ash water from Cu Lao Cham. After soaking, the rice will be pale yellow like turmeric. And the water to make Cao Lau must be taken from Ba Le ancient well.

Cao Lau Hoi An Vietnam

In the stages of making the noodles, the way to make plastic dough that is dry is the most important secret, deciding the quality of the product. Unlike other types of noodles, pho, and banh da, people do not make Cao Lau by coating the dough, but after stuffing, it will be rolled and steamed. Once cooked, the new dough is cut into large noodles.

Enjoying Cao Lau without vegetables is really a big mistake. There are full range of vegetables that can be used in Cao Lau up to 12 types of vegetables such as: Basil, Cinnamon, Cucumber, Cilantro, Bean-sprouts, Lettuce, Banana corn, Sour star fruit,…

Cao Lau in Hoi An Vietnam

The pork meat of Cao Lau must be made from lean, whole pieces of pork, carefully selected. Pork in large pieces is marinated with salt sauce, five flavors to absorb and then simmer. When the meat is cooked, the cook will take out the meat and continue to put tomatoes, grated onion, oil in the broth and then continue to cook the mixture to make a sauce. Cao Lau became special thanks to this pork meat. The meat is moderately cooked, tender and red brick to look very appealing.

Best Cao Lau

The appeal of Cao Lau is the balance in the flavor, pick up a full piece and feel the toughness of the bread soaked with delicious fat leopard from pork meat, blended with the crispy pork skin. Well, a little bit of raw vegetable balances the rich taste of the broth. A real taste irresistible!

4. Where to enjoy the best Cao Lau in Hoi An

Despite the long preparation time, Cao Lau is usually cheap to eat – under $2 a bowl and served throughout the day. Let’s refer to the 5 addresses rated by customers as the best below:

Cao Lau Madam Lien (16 Thai Phien, Hoi An)

Cao Lau Madam Thanh (26 Thai Phien, Hoi An)

Cao Lau Khong Gian Xanh (687 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An)

Cao Lau Ba Be (food court in Hoi An market)

Quan An Ty Ty Restaurant (17/6 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An)



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