Bay Mau Coconut Village in Hoi An, Vietnam

Bay Mau Coconut Forest is located in Cam Thanh commune, 5km east of Hoi An ancient town. It is known as a perfect place to explore the water and the Nipa palm forest, and immerse in the natural beauty. Bay Mau Coconut Village is getting famous to be a new sightseeing and ecotourism village for all travelers. Annually, there are thousands of visitors come to explore Bay Mau coconut forest. There are many nice traditional houses for visiting, you will have a chance to join these activities in this village.

Bay Mau Coconut Village hoi an

(Bay Mau Coconut Village, Hoi An)

1. Why you should visit Bay Mau Coconut Forest?

Bay Mau Coconut Forest was a important place during the Vietnam War. It was a safe haven for reserve forces, affording a safe place from which they could make sorties into Hoi An proper. Originally, there were 7,000 square meters of free-growing coconut forest. Situated near a mangrove estuary, it is a unique salt marsh ecological area with a submerged forest ecosystem.

Bay Mau Coconut

(Bay Mau Coconut Village – Hoi An, Vietnam)

The first impression of tourists when come here is the forest of hundreds of hectares of coconut. It gives an impression as Mekong Delta in South Vietnam. The only difference between these places is the means of transport. In the Mekong Delta, people travel on wooden boats, while travelers use basket boats to go to the coconut forest in Bay Mau. It is interesting while sitting in a basket boat weaving under coconut trees. You will also see the beautiful scenery of a rural water region makes visitors feel exciting about this place.

Bay Mau Coconut Village 2020

(Bay Mau Coconut Village 2020)

Coming to Bay Mau Forest, you will have a chance to learn some traditional fishing techniques and how to paddle the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boats while exploring the now tranquil coconut-palm flanked waterways of a past war.

2. Things to do at Bay Mau Coconut Forest:

Tourists will have a chance to explore the wetland ecosystem in basket boats and learn about the daily life of Vietnamese fishermen and their community. You can also join with the local fisherman on the river and enjoy hands-on experience of round net or cast net.

Bay Mau Village

Buffalo riding: When you come to Cam Thanh Village, you also have a chance to try the have a buffalo riding around the village to see the beautiful of this peaceful one.

Bay Mau Coconut Village buffola

(Bay Mau Coconut Village)

Besides, tourists will know how to ride a basket boat. Rowing basket boat through these small and beautiful channel, guest come to inside of the water coco palm forest, see these coconut tree growing together and get some water coconut fruit.

(Bay Mau Coconut Village)

In Bay Mau Coconut Village, there are some restaurants offering cooking class. They combine between eco trip and cooking tour. Tourists will have more interesting day and save time here.

(Bay Mau Coconut Village)

3. How to get to Bay Mau Coconut Forest?

To get to Bay Mau Coconut Forest, tourists can ride bicycle/ motorbike, taxi  or taking a tour from Hoi An Ancient Town or Da Nang.

4. When is the best time to visit Bay Mau Forest?

You should come to Bay Mau Coconut Forest in the morning or in the afternoon to take part in the activities at this village. We recommend you to visit the coconut forest at around 4 pm. Because this is a good time to visit – the sun is not too harsh and the wind is very cool and pleasant. If you go in the morning, your tour is only about 45 minutes and cannot explore every corner of the coconut forest. In addition, you can also watch the sunset on the river that is really beautiful and peaceful.

From January to April: The weather is very cool and pleasant. It is quite suitable for travelers to come here to rest and relax.

From May to July: This time is near the end of the dry season in Hoi An. The weather is so great to visit to Bay Mau Coconut Village.

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