Bach Ma National Park – An Attractive Destination in Vietnam

Bach Ma National Park is one of the most attractive destinations of Hue city, Vietnam. It is located in a mountainous area, on the border between the former North and South Vietnam. Bach Ma National Park possesses the wonderful natural landscapes and moderate climate. With waterfalls, cool forests and flowering rhododendrons, this area has been one of the most appealing tourist sites in Hue city.

About the National Park

Bach Ma Nation Park was established on 15th July 1991 with a total natural area of approximately 22,000 square kilometers . It lies 1,200 meters above sea level and reaches the highest peak with 1,448 meters. This makes the temperatures at Bach Ma more cooler and comfortable. Bach Ma means ‘white horse’, names after the white cloud around the top of the mountain. The landscape at the foot of the mountain is less woody, but fascinating with grasslands, shrubs, rivers and lagoons.

Bach Ma is used to be the home of the rich French citizens in the 20th century, it still remains some ancient French architectural villas along with the stunning waterfalls, jungles, and especially flowering rhododendrons in the valley.

How to get to Bach Ma Nation Park?

Travellers can get to Bach Ma National Park from Hue and Da Nang city. There are plenty of ways like air, railway, or road to reach Hue and Da Nang from different provinces in Vietnam. The national park is located half-way between Da Nang and Hue, and both routes are not too complicated; you can choose a taxi, private car or motorbike for the trip.

From Hue city center:  Follow The Highway 1A to Da Nang direction – Straight to Phu Loc District – Straight to Bach Ma National Park Signpost and follow until you reach the site

From Da Nang center: Follow The Highway 1A to Hai Van Pass direction – Phu Loc District – Bach Ma National Park

Besides, there are a lot of day tours to Bach Ma National Park from Hue or Da Nang. If you would love to join the group tour with a guide included, this is highly recommended.

Best time to visit Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park has pleasant weather. The best time visit here is in summer or early autumn in the dry season. At this period of time, tourists infrequently see rains, the forest path is dryer, quite suitable for a jungle walk and outdoor activities. This is also a perfect time to escape the heat from the city and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze of the green forest.

The rainy season lasts from October to December with high rainfall and typhoons that are inconvenient for sightseeing, mountain trekking, and other activities.

Best things to do and see at Bach Ma National Park

Discover the wildlife in Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma is not only a perfectly peaceful getaway but also a wonderful site for nature-lovers. The flora consists of 2147 species, including rare and valuable orchids, ferns, and frankincense. In addtions, among 1,493 species of animals was recorded, there are many new mammal species discovered in Vietnam such as saola, Truong Son muntjac, and the giant muntjac. Taking the trail trekkings on Bach Ma Park is a great chance to see and learn about the rich ecosystem at Bach Ma

Conquer Bach Ma Peak to admire the panorama view from Hai Vong Dai

Hai Vong Dai is a sea observation point located on the top of Bach Ma Mountain. With 1450-meter height from sea level, travelers will be blown away by the spectacular view of mountains, valleys, lagoons, Lang Co bay, or even poetic Hue city. You need to trek a 1,5 km trail to get to Hai Vong Dai, but the stunning view is definitely worth.

Swim at Ngu Ho Lake

Ngu Ho Lake consists of 5 different lakes lying on different levels. All the lakes are very beautiful, but the third one is specially known as the most beautiful lake. Ngu Ho is connected to a waterfall, becoming an ideal place for resting and swimming in the clear and clean water after long trekking and exploring.

Trek to Do Quyen Waterfall

The most impressive site of Bach Ma National Park is Do Quyen waterfall. “Do Quyen” is the name of the beautiful flower blooming in March – Rhododendron, is among the most alluring landscapes in Bach Ma Park. Travellers will have the chance to admire the flower blooming, and will never regret watching the foaming waterfall and marvelous mountain scenery here. If you would like to have the best view and artful photos of this kind of flower, March to June is the best time to come.

Visit Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

Located at the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery is a highlight of your trip. Surrounded by Truoi Lake,you can reach it by 15 minute boat ride. After 172 steps climbing up to Three-entrance Gate, an open view to the surrounding architectural works and the idyllic lake will make you enchanted.

Useful Information

Location: Vườn Quôc Gia Bạch Mã

Entrance ticket: VND 40,000

Open hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM


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