Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam – Ho Thuy Tien

Hue attracts a lot of tourists by the peaceful and poetic beauty of the Perfume River, the Citadel of Hue, Thien Mu Pagoda … Not only those poetic destinations, in recent years, Ho Thuy Tien – an abandoned park due to ineffective operation by the end of 2011 – becoming an interesting destination for foreign tourists.

Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam

(Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam)

1. Overview about Ho Thuy Tien

Ho Thuy Tien is a very strange and mysterious place to visit. Coming to this abandoned park, visitors will be fascinated by the ghost and ruin of this place. Although it has been abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam for a long time, tourists, especially foreigners, really love to visit this mysterious park.

Since being closed, covering the park is a scene of desolation and horror. Arriving here, visitors will feel the feeling of solitude as stepping out from a horror novel. All buildings in Ho Thuy Tien Park have rusted and turned to yellow. The concrete walls become patchy, dotted with lines. Around the park are covered with trees, weeds with moss covered.

Abandoned Water Park in Hue

(Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam)

2. Location

Ho Thuy Tien is located in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town, 10km southwest of Hue city center. This desolate park  is located on Thien An Hill. So visitors can combine to visit many other attractive tourist destinations in Hue when coming here.

3. History of Ho Thuy Tien

Thuy Tien Lake was once an ideal tourist destination for tourists when traveling to Hue. This place is planned to be built according to the model of eco-tourism and entertainment area. The total area of ​​the park is up to 49.9 hectares divided into many different areas: water park, water music stage, aquarium and restaurants. However, due to the degraded and unqualified activities, it has been abandoned to this day. That’s why this park has become frightening and horrible.

It is extremely surprising that in 2016, in the US newspaper introduced an extremely haunting place called Ho Thuy Tien. After that, the neglected tourist area quickly attracted numerous domestic and foreign visitors. Although quite deserted and creepy, perhaps it is the impression that young people come to explore and visit.

4. Explore the beauty of Thuy Tien Water Park

– The Dragon Symbol:

One of the most unique sightseeing points when visiting Thuy Tien Lake is the giant dragon symbol winding on the roof of the building. The dragon head is shaped on the top floor of the aquarium building. This location is quite large scale and from here can easily move to other areas. All designs here have been invaded by nature. Therefore, when coming here, visitors will feel the horror and shudder.


– The Aquarium:

The aquarium is the area inside the building with the dragon symbol. Visitors must have a great courage if you would like to visit there. However, if you have come to Thuy Tien Lake, do not hesitate to enter the aquarium and explore the cave and the narrow alley.

All buildings inside the aquarium now have become desolate and ragged. The old aquarium was broken into pieces. Moving up the spiral staircase will take you to the head of the dragon. Here, you can zoom your eyes to fully admire the cool Thuy Tien lake. Further is the immense Thien An hill covered by green trees.

Abandoned Water Park

(Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam)

Standing in the dragon’s head and looking down, the beauty was both romantic and mysterious. Although it is a bit scary, it is the unique charm of this park.

– The Water Slides

Aquarium and the dragon symbol are not all the most unique things at Thuy Tien lake. Try the feeling of walking through the dense forests with tall coconut trees, underneath are lush green lawns up to the knees. Passing through here will take visitors lost in horror movies to haunt.

Crossing the coconut forest, you will reach the lake area of ​​the park covered with green moss. This area is not far from the aquarium. This is the most ghostly and desolate place in Ho Thuy Tien Park. Scary and “cold-necked” are the feelings of visitors who coming here.

Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam - thuy tien lake

(Abandoned Water Park in Hue Vietnam)

The system of slides is covered with green moss, the clear lake in the past is also opaque and black. The long slide attracts the trees growing and covering around makes the space here become more scary.

– Water Music Stage

One of the unique and mysterious destinations is the water stage area. This place used to be a venue for exciting art performances and attracted a large number of visitors. Due to being abandoned for a long time, now all that is left is the wild and mossy patches.

The benches with a capacity of up to 2500 seats were filled with weeds, the stage area was also covered with moss. Seeing the scene here is quite hard to imagine the luxury and splendor of music concerts in the past.

– Thuy Tien Lake

Thuy Tien lake used to have a gentle clear stream, where visitors often come to enjoy the freshness. The scenery here was extremely romantic because it is surrounded by trees.

Now, after more than ten years, there is no shadow of people passing through Thuy Tien Lake again. Although thoughtful and quiet, Thuy Tien lake itself made the surrounding scenery less ruined and shudder. A bit of romance still exists in this desolate park.

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